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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Deana: Mon/Tue Progress this week

I am linking up with Sew Cute,   Whip Wednesday, and WOW tonight.  Please visit them and see what everyone is working on.

I have three more windmill blocks in progress.  The centers are not appliqued on yet; they are only pressed and ready.

I also made a little bit of progress on my Christmas Log Cabin quilt.  You can see that I have added log 6 and there are 14 logs.

I also completed some more Dear Jane blocks.  The more of these little cuties I make the more I realize the talent Jane must have had.  I think she was a little nuts too (ha ha).  Honestly, these little guys are challenging for a highly experienced quilter using modern tools and electric sewing machines.  I truly admire Jane and understand why they refer to her as "Dear"!

The block in the middle had to be redone.  It is a good thing it was not hand stitched down yet because the brown is turned wrong.  Also, I did not like how the little pink flowers in the brown were not evenly spaced.

The statistics on those three blocks are as follows:

(Left) G4 is called Shutter Bug.  It has 29 little pieces and was done with a paper pieced method.  It took me 50 minutes and has 29 pieces.  I LOVED making this one.  I so love the square-in-a-square blocks as I have come to call them.  I want to make an entire quilt our of them someday, but perhaps not this small.

(Center) G5 is called Poof.  It has 8 pieces, took 31 minutes, and is paper pieced and hand applique.

(Right) G3 is called Four Leaf Clover.  It has 4 pieces, is hand applique, and took 1 hour.

I decided to replace the brown and pink with a brown on brown instead.  It is turned the right way and stitched down now.  Yay!

G6 is called Papa's Star (on the right below).  I paper pieced this, and believe me, that little star in the middle is the smallest little pieced star possible.  Jane was honestly nuts when she made this one.  This block took me 1 hour, 1 minute, and has 31 pieces in it.
 Below is my latest Jane of the day.  It is G7 and called Indianapolis.  It is paper pieced with some applique, took me 52 minutes, and has 21 pieces.  I am not quite finished with it because I till have to hand applique down the circle.  It is not as perfect as I would like, but it was also more complicated than I originally thought.  I decided it is perfect enough.

My current Dear Jane totals are:

78 Hours and 21 minutes.
1,819 pieces

I also want to add my progress on my snowman embroidery quilt.  I have not worked on it since Saturday, but I was able to complete the music and words this past weekend while sitting at my son's Region Wrestling Tournament.  He took 7th and is going to state!   Yay!  I hope to get the tree done and some or all of the snowflakes this coming weekend at state.


  1. I LOVE your windmill blocks! Those are fabulous. I know what you mean about Jane, but hey you gotta be a little nuts doing the same thing huh? Your blocks look great. I really have to do a few more of mine. Wonderful projects.

  2. Love the circle blocks up top! I can't wait to see the finished work!

  3. Wow - your DJ blocks are beautiful - I have to say that little star keep looking at me and laughing... I think I'll tackle it some other day!

  4. That little star in the Jane block really is something. It took me a long time before I made it. I just kept looking at it and saying how am I going to sew this. I had more pins than fabric in it as i sewed it. The blocks are looking great.


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