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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good Week for Quilting

This has been a good week to be able to sew. Marian has worked the early morning shift all week and has been home by early afternoon to take the boys. Jennie's little ones were only here 2 days and they take afternoon naps, so I have been able to get my housework done in the mornings and have the afternoons to do what I wanted (and I chose to work on my quilt tops).
Ruffled Roses
This is the next to last set of swag borders. Next month I will do one more set, the attach them to the rest of the top, then add the final borders. It is square, so I am thinking of adding extra width to the top and bottom so it can be used as a coverlet.
I got the basket borders and floater strips added to the top and it now measures 60 inches square.
Here is one of the corner pieces. All 4 corners are the same. Just the baskets are different. The corners are appliqued, like the center piece.
Civil War blocks
This is block # 47. It is called "Dixie Tea". Because of the embargo during the war, the southern states were unable to get coffee beans, so they experimented with different herbs for tea. The most favorite was Sassafras Tea, from the Sassafras plant. They used both the leaves and the root of the plant, and sweetened it with molasses made from sugar cane.
Here I have 3 rows set together. I am not doing them in order of being made, as I used a lot of the same material on some of the blocks, and wanted to spread it out more randomly. I will add another border around the entire top when it is all put together, then add the border pieces. This helps me remember which is the top corner blocks.


  1. So beautiful!! Glad you get some sewing time!

  2. wow, Ann, you are moving right along. Good job!

  3. I also wanted to add that I am envious of your quilt from The Quilt Show. Her patterns are so wonderful. I may have to check out what she is doing for 2012.

    Your quilt is SOOO BEAUUUTIFUL!!


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