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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Civil War and Ruffled Roses updates

Civil War Blocks 42 - 46
Number 42 is called "H for Hospitals"
The field hospitals had a flag with a green H flying, to indicate the tent or building to be a field hospital.

Number 43 is called "Right Hand of Friendship"
The underground railroad helped get the slaves away from the plantations. The "Friends" helped find them jobs and security.
(Oops, I see a couple of HST's turned the wrong way. Better fix those tomorrow)
#45 Port and Starboard, to honor the Union Navy.
Block # 46 This is called "Apple Tree"
The Union Army had a marching song, "We'll hang old Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree"
I have all of the dividing strips and borders cut. There are a total of 53 different blocks and I have made a few extra. The pattern makes a double bed size top, but I am going to do it to fit a queen size bed. I will soon be laying out the blocks to decide how I want to arrange them. And then I will start assembling. That will be a fun project!

Ruffled Roses November Blocks
Baskets 20-24. These are the last set of basket blocks.
Here are the basket borders. I have to add a thin floater to the existing top and then sew these on. I haven't even started the swag borders for this month, but hope to get to that soon.
I will post again when I get the swags done and the basket borders attached.


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Your blocks are beautiful. I'm amazed that you are keeping up with so many quilts at the same time.

  2. So much work and SO BEAUTIFUL!! Retirement looks good on you and on your quilting.

    I have hardly sewn a stitch in months. It is so NOT me. I have been working on some embroidery snowmen, though, and finished one that needs to be posted. That is something I can do while I babysit teens (substituting)...been working almost full-time of late.


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