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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ann's project progress

While I have been a semi-invalid, I have been able to prop up my knee and sew.
I am doing better, and going to Physical Therapy to regain my range of motion and strength in that knee. I am pain free, and walking with only a small limp now.
Here is the next Civil War block.This one is called "Empty Spools" remembering that the women put aside their sewing and handiwork to tear linen into bandages. This is block # 31, more than half way through. Very easy block to make. Took 5 minutes to sew it together, and the last few stitches I had to turn the wheel on the sewing machine by hand, as the power went out with less than an inch to finish the last seam.
My next set of baskets for the Ruffled Roses quilt top.
This makes 16 baskets so far. They are getting easier to make. I did not have to pick out any HST's that were turned the wrong direction on this set. That saves a lot of time, doing it right the first time.
And the next set of swag borders.
There are also 16 swags. This picture is a little dark and a little blurred. I am getting better, but sometimes the auto zoom moves at the same time as I click for the picture and it gets blurry. I also did not use the flash for this one.
Have a good week, y'all and catch you again soon.

1 comment:

  1. You are getting so much done. Retirement is good for you.

    I am glad that you are not hurting.


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