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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ann: Newest additions to the Civil War blocks

Blocks 20 & 21.
These really worked up fast. 15 minutes to sew them both together. It took longer to cut them out than to put them together.
Here are the 21 blocks to date. I was able to sew today, as the boys went for a ride with their Mom.
I have really used a lot of that blue. The fat quarter is almost gone. It is good that I can put them together in random order and not all next to each otheer.
Each week a new one comes out and they each have a name given to them by quilters over the years.
#1 is called "Catch Me If You Can", #2 "North Star", #3 "Seven Sisters" (this is to remember the original 7 states from the Confederacy), #4 "Texas Tears", #5 "Kansas Troubles", #6 "Richmond", #7 "Log Cabin" (This one is pretty obvious), #8 "Cotton Boll", #9 "Birds in the Air", #10 "Lincoln's Platform", #11 "London Square", #12 "Louisiana", #13 "Little Blue Basket", #14 "Fox and Geese", #15 "Fort Sumpter", #16 "White House", #17 "Comfort Quilt", #18 "Union Square", #19 "Missouri Star", #20 "New England Block", #21 "Underground Railroad"


  1. I wish I were doing this one with you. I love Civil War fabrics and I love the names of the blocks in relation to history.

  2. You made the blocks so beautiful, love your color.


  3. Wow, this is really coming together well. Very nice colors.


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