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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deana's progress report: Dear Jane and other stuff...

I have been busy doing what I love this past week (finally).
Here are the Dear Jane blocks I've completed.  I am only two behind my fellow Dear Jane friends -- yeehaw!!

E4:  Buffalo Tree Hopper took 37 minutes and 15 pieces.  It is all foundation pieced.

A5:  Rising Son took 24 min. & 13 pieces.  It is foundation pieced with the center circle hand appliqued.  I REALLY like this one.

E6:  Michelle's Medley took 1 hour and 40 pieces.  It is all foundation pieced.
E7 Bread Basket took 1 hr and 12 m and 46 pieces.  It is kind of cute and went together pretty well inspite of all the seams that required lining up.  It is foundation pieced.

E8 Mama's Maze took 59 min and has 33 pieces in it.  It is also foundation pieced.

E9 Quilt Jail took 42 min and 35 pieces.  I get quite a kick out of the name.  I think it turned out pretty cute as well.

E10 Five & Dime has 6 pieces and took 1 hour to complete.  I did the applique part at Lorna's house while meeting with the Priceless Quilters who are also making the same blocks.

E11 Wagon Wheel is one of my most recent favorites.  It has 14 pieces and took about 2 1/2 hours because I couldn't decide how to best do it.  It is all applique with reverse applique as well.  My Priceless friend, Faye, helped me to figure it out.

E12 MaryRuth's Corset took 50 min and 28 pieces.  It is foundation pieced.

E13 completes another row and is called Moth in a Web.  It took 41 min. and 26 pieces.  It is foundation pieced and kind of cute although I wish I had made the four little spikes on the outside of the square out of a darker fabric so they would show up brighter.

I have temporarily skipped F1-F2 because I wanted to do the blocks that everyone else in the group is on.  I only have those two skipped ones to do in order to catch up.

F3 Snowball took 17 min and has 17 pieces.  Those are interesting numbers.  This block was so simple and was only foundation pieced in the four corners where the half-square triangles are positioned.  The rest is rotary cut and pieced.

F4 Old Windmill was also very simple and cute.  It took me 24 min and has only 13 pieces.  I foundation pieced it.

And here is the whole project so far.  I LOVE how the colors on the diagonal are looking.  I also took the time to join them all together.  Now it is all in one piece except for the two blocks in row F. 

Totals for these Dear Jane blocks:  11 hours 16 min and 286 pieces.
Grand Totals for Dear Jane: 
Hours: 59
Min:  8
Pieces:  1488

I am very pleased to FINALLY show that my minis UFO has a completed border.  Those little tiny pieces in the flying geese border were beyond nuts and VERY BORING.  I now have the top basted and ready to quilt next week.  My goal is to finish it this month.  The binding is cut, sewn, pressed, and ready.

Finally, I have my UFO from April close to ready to quilt as well.  I need to applique green leaves to the flower stems and it will be readky to baste.

I was pretty sad that I didn't finish it as planned in April, but maye I can catch up this month and still accomplish my "one finish a month goal".  I purchased a backing for it which badly needs to be pressed and washed as you can see.

Lately I have so enjoyed listening to books on tape while I sew.  It keeps my mind entertained while my fingers work.


  1. Your Dear Janes are absolutely fabulous. I still think that someday, somewhere I too will make that quilt.
    (A very Dreamworthy goal)

  2. Wow!! Your Dear Jane is amazing. I love the diagonal rainbow effect. Congrats on your progress on the other quilts. They are beautiful and you are so close to being finished. I love the colors in both of them and of course your work is fabulous. I know how much work is those minis and it is a great accomplishment.

  3. Your DJ is so beautiful! I wish I lived closer to you so I could find the inspiration for making one. The others quilts are beautiful too. Where do you find the time? :-)


  4. Wow, what a lot of work, but very fun and beautiful. I love how your Dear Jane is coming along. I, too, love how the diagonal effects are turning out. FUN!
    Your Minis are really cute al set together. Love the borders!!!


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