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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deana: Brown Bag top done

I just need to add two side borders in cream.  They are cut and ready.  I hope to get the back pieced and start basting it for quilting tonight. 

P.S. It is no longer "coffin" shaped.  I just couldn't like the old shape so I picked it apart and ended up with this -- much much better.  I think it turned out pretty ok for a brown bag fabric swap (fabrics not of my choosing) combined with old orphan stack-n-wack blocks.  It is approximately a "full" sized bed quilt.  I think I'll use it to snuggle on the couch (like I ever have time to do that). #140


  1. Very lovely quilt, I am sure you will find snuggle time sometime in the near future, even if it is for one evening.

  2. I like the new shape better too. It really is very nice.

  3. Your quilt is so so nice. I realy like it this way.


  4. I love it. Would you have thought it would turn out so well using all those orphan? And I do like the new shape. It will be great to snuggle in. Hope you get the chance some day.

  5. I love what you did. That has never been my favorite SnW block, but in this quilt, I really like it. Brown Bag would be a great idea for a retreat.

  6. I really like how it turned out!


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