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Monday, February 14, 2011

progress... (Deana)

I have been busy this week.  Below is a selection of fabrics I found in my stash to help me fulfill the Dorinda Mystery #3 rule.  I must use a fabric or color I wouldn't normally use.  My mystery quilt is all done in batiks so I thought any of these novelty prints would certainly fit the (not normally use) rule.  Below I have tropical birds, Star Spangled Banner music, pink (I don't like pink), frogs, and the very ugly fruit & vegetable print.  Next to that is a netting type fabric and then a silky grey.  Hmmm.  I think I will just ponder ideas for them for a couple of days.

Next is the progress of my Brown Bag quilt.  I have come a long way because I now have blue borders around all the blocks and all the setting blocks stripped and cut for the star points.  Do you see that very ugly fruit and vegetable fabric above?  Well, it is the main fabric in my stack -n- wack fabric below.  I'm actually REALLY liking this brown bag quilt and its journey. 

I've also been making string hearts for the Block Lotto.  This is my first completed one and there are others well on their way.


  1. Wow, lots of progress. Things are looking good. You are sooooo creative. You know that fabric that you think is ugly--well, I really like it. Maybe it's because I'm a stack n wack freak, but it calls my name. Your blocks are really nice. Your quilt will be stunning.

  2. I like the "ugly" fabric too. I can see possibilities for several things along side your barn, or in front of it!
    I love the stack-n-whack, too. Isn't it amazing what those strips of fabric bring out.
    Good luck on rule 3.


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