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Friday, February 18, 2011

Block of the Month: Ann

Just so you don't think I am just sitting around, I am sharing.
I decided to try another block of the month from the Quilt Show, and this one looked like a challenge for me.
As you can see, the first challenge was keeping my template in place and appliquing all the parts on it. I did not realize how far off center the bottom was until I pressed and trimmed the block to set it into the square. 6 weeks of applique is not coming off, and I will just have to deal with it....
Those pieces are so small for the slats. They were made by sewing strips of each of the fabrics together, then cutting them to these small sections, then sewing those together to get the correct length. This is part of month 2.
The other part of month 2 is a border of lattice. They look similar to what Marie did for the 1st rule of the DOD Mystery quilt.What a job!!!! 112 strips of 1 3/4 X 4 inch, 7 or 8 of each fabric.
Then 112 3" squares, cut diagonally down the middle.
Next, paper piece those 112 into squares, trimming them to 2 1/2" squares.
This part only took 2 whole days.
Next it will be putting them together to form the lattice border.
March looks like more applique, so who knows how long that will take!


  1. Oooh Ann! It is SO BEAUTIFUL! Did you buy a kit or plan your own fabrics? It is like doing another Dorinda quilt if that applique keeps up. I'll have to go check out what the whole quilt looks like at the Quilt Show. Did the same lady design it (same one as last year). If so, she is famous for tiny little pieces. She designed Omigosh.

    Oh, PLEASE continue to show your progress!!

  2. What a fun project! It is going to be very stunning. I want to see that lattice border come together. It looks like a ton of work. Keep posting.

  3. Dq, yes, it is the same lady, and I am using my own fabric. I had so much of the white-on-white, the green, and the yellow left over from the last one, I decided to use them.
    BTW, there are 15 different shades and/or colors.


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