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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

JOIN the Dorinda Mystery-2011

The Daughters of Dorinda are hosting a 2011 mystery quilt.  All are welcome to join in.  It's a mystery because NO-ONE knows how it will turn out -- so fun!  Here is how it works:

1.  Pick a theme for your quilt.
2.  Submit your theme via email to by Jan 10th.
3.  Submit a "rule" (more than one is ok), via email to by the same date.  DON'T SEND THE THEME AND RULE TO THE SAME EMAIL please.
4.  Leave a comment.

Each deadline a Daughter of Dorinda will draw out a participant-submitted rule and a technique at random.  She will also set some size requirements.  Each participant will then add a piece to their quilt to meet the size, rule, & technique requirements based on their selected theme.  We will begin with one block and add sections to it each deadline.  Participants will be given two options of where to add their newest quilt section to the main block.  The quilt will grow each time -- an assemble-as-you-go project.

There will be no two quilts alike and no-one knows what we'll end up with -- IT'S A MYSTERY. 

Everyone keeps and works on their own quilts.  Some people want to make a queen-sized top, but you can drop out any time your quilt gets to the size you desire.

Late-comers will be welcomed.  For anyone joining after Jan 10th, your rules will be saved for when we run out of rules.  There are no prizes or judges, just a fun quilt project for 2011.  Progress, advice, helps, and tutorials will be given by all participants via a special blog.  If you don't blog you can submit pictures via email.

Your Daughter of Dorinda hostess will combine a quilting technique requirement with the rules submitted.  We will be sampling many quilting techniques during this project.  You can use any patterns available on the market, but you will also learn how to create your own as you design your own quilt one deadline at a time.  We will all be here to help and guide you along your journey.

-click below to see a sample of what your quilt could look like and how another group did a similar project. (Most of the participants at this site are "art quilters"; most of us are not but art quilters are welcome).

Your Rules:
Keep them pretty general. Also, you can add any techniques you want to try to our technique list. Any techniques attached to a rule may be separated by the hostess for variety purposes.  (We don't want to paper piece every block.)Each participant rule WILL NOT have any sizes listed. Be more general like: use at least two half square triangles, put a star in it somewhere, use a circular (or diamond, or triangle, or square) shape in it somewhere, or a tree, or flying geese etc...  If you submit techniques with a rule, your hostess may separate your technique from your rule so we can try a larger variety of techniques.  
We will try to select deadlines on a monthly basis, but early on they may be closer together like 2 weeks or something because the project will require very little work early on and more work as the quilt grows in size. Later deadlines may extend to 5 weeks or whatever is necessary. We do not want this project to overwhelm anyone with excessive work between deadlines.

It is unknown how long this project will take -- it will end when the top is finished.

The first deadline will be Jan 31st.  The first guidelines/rules for the first block will be given shortly after Jan 10th.
We would love to have you add our button to your sidebar.  Just right click on it, save it to your computer, and add it to a picture widget with the permalink.  Email or comment if you need help.


  1. Oh cool, another mystery project. I am in, sent my emails. Haven't done this before so I have no clue, but it sounds fun, and something I can use more of my scraps and stash on.

  2. I never do mysteries because there are so many things that went wrong the first three times - I don't like the color here, it would have been better there. But THIS sounds like fun! Thank you.

  3. this sounds like fun. i have necer done a mysrey and can't wait to see everone's project.

  4. Count me in, I love mystery quilts, also a good way to use up my FQ's.
    I need to get back to sewing quilt tops at least.

  5. Anonymous, did you get your emails sent with the rules and theme? Because you are anonymous, I'm not sure if you've shown up in my emails yet or not. Also, I am unable to locate your profile to respond.

    Glad to have you and hope I have you found!


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