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Friday, April 2, 2010

Briar Rose top done

Finally got the top put together. I am sure glad I was able to get the applique done by machine. I would still be doing it by hand if not.
The stripe goes all the way around the border.
This a flag I put together before I started the Dorinda project. I need to get it quilted, and get the Briar Rose done too.
But 1st, the Dorinda quilt goes on the frames next week. With the help of my mom and sister, hope to get it done in a few days.
Then I can get to the Star Crazy blocks for April. My OCD says to get to them soon. My time frame says prioritize. Priority Dorinda quilt. I hate to have unfinished projects. These are the last 3 tops to do. Hope to have them all quilted before our retreat. I don't plan to start a new project until then. Wish me luck!!!


Marie said...

NICE!! You are accomplishing so much. Have fun quilting and be sure to post pictures soon.

dj said...

I love seeing your finished tops! You'll have to bring some finished projects for show n tell at our retreat.

It's funny, but all of us have the retreat as a dead line for something.