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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am excited to finally get my Dorinda quilt all pieced together.  All I have to do now is applique the corners and it will be ready to quilt.  I haven't ever really liked the sashing in the origianl quilt so I decided that since the quilt is really busy that a plain strip would be good.  The pattern I made is for a 2" sashing, just in the middle.  Dorine and Gary were here so I wanted their opinion and we auditioned different colors and we all decided the green was the best for the sashing.  I put it together with a 2" green sashing and as you can see it didn't work at all.  Whenever I looked at it all I could see was a big green cross going through the middle of the quilt.  It was just too big.

I tried placing strips over the sashing to see if I could come up with a better solution, but nothing seemed quite right.  I was talking to my friend, Vicki, about it and without even seeing it she suggested that I make a smaller sashing and put it all the way around the blocks.  I didn't think that was a good solution because it meant that I would have to take the whole quilt apart and re-do it. 

After sleeping on it I finally decided that she was right so I stayed up late one night and tore the whole thing apart and divided the 2" into 3 strips and put it all back together.  Now I think it  it is right. 

I'm anxious to applique the corners and have it on the frames before our quilt retreat.  That means that I have to finish the quilt that is on the frames soon, and I am very close; so I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. 

As the weather warms up my garden and flower beds need more attention; so I'll have to give up some sewing time, but I'll keep plugging along. 


dj said...

It is so beautiful! You made the right choice in my opinion. My blocks are so big for my borders that I need to trim them way down and won't have room for sashing. I hope I like it.

Ann T. said...

I, too, like the smaller sashing strips. It is beautiful. So glad you are so close. It has been a long process for us all.

dorine said...

You definitely made the right decision! It does look so much better!