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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Buggy Barns Completed -- yeah!

I did get my kids Halloween quilts completed before (ON) Halloween. I really love the way they turned out. This one is Justin's. I didn't quilt much in it -- didn't think it needed it.

This one is Jessi's. The witch in the center was fused by Deb several years ago. We took a mystery class from Charlene Richens, a good quilting friend, SEVERAL years ago at Annual Meeting in SLC. I LOVE the witch, but Deb wasn't too excited about her. I think she is perfect in the middle of the quilt.

When Jim came upstairs in the morning I told him, "I left this quilt out for one night and some spider made webs all over it." I had him going for a minute.

This last Halloween project is the one I'm really excited about. It's not quite done -- just needs borders. It is mine to keep. It was a round robin I did in 2005. From the top:
Mary Israel - Pumpkin Patch (words)
Linda Johnson - Dracula
1st Pumpkin (left to right) - Mariella Potter
2nd Pumpkin - Me (leftover from Justin's quilt)
3rd Pumpkin - Karen Trumen
4th Pumpkin - Theresa Terry
Little witch broom - Fae Torgerson
(moving straight down) spiders - Deb Butler
cats - me
bats - Cathy in Lakebay, Washington
(moving straight down) Witch legs - Nedra from St. George, Utah
Skull - Jennifer from Arlington, Texas
Buggy Barn witch - me (leftovers from girls quilts)
Another (purple witch ) - me
(moving straight down) My witch from Charlene's mystery class
Ghost - Summer Sadie from Cordova, Tennessee
3 Candy corns - Felicity Evans
Orange witch - Lyn Evans
Purple witch on broom - Kris from Rochester, NY
Haunted House - Marie Pugsley
Trick-Or-Treaters - Felicity Evans
"Boo" - Belinda from Petersburg, Texas


Ann T. said...

They are darling. I really like the witch in the center. It sets the theme.

Marie said...

Your Halloween quilts are amazing. Congrats on finishing. I LOVE the cobwebs! Very clever.