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Friday, October 16, 2009

Quilt Festival Entry

I think my favorite quilts are my row quilts that I designed several years ago. Here is the autumn one...

I have since designed a barn in place of the building. The barn is definitely favored among my quilt classes. I have also designed a row of corn and a picket fence combined with pumpkins for those who struggle making the apple tree blocks. They were really a crazy design anyway that should have been paper pieced. Perhaps someday I will redesign them.

and here is the Americana one. This Americana one "really" needs some more quilting put in the striped borders so that it will hang better. I was in a hurry to get it ready for a quilt class and just never went back and finished it -- naughty me.

I taught both of these quilts, each in a different year, at Annual Meeting for the Utah Quilt Guild. I have felt honored, also, that a local guild chapter has resurrected my patterns this year as they have been making a row a month.

There is also a spring row quilt in the collection; I'll look for a digital photo to post. I intended to someday make a winter one, but it is pretty much on the back burner.


Ann T. said...

Love them. I wish I had a spot where I could hang quilts. But they would just get little boy fingers all over them. Maybe some day!

Dresden Quilter said...

I really love your row quilts. It is something I have not yet tried.

Casey said...

They are both amazingly beautiful

Vicki said...

they are so pretty! I love the idea of row quilts.

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are beautiful, but you need to remove the apostrophe from daughters, which is a plural not a possessive.