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Friday, May 15, 2009

Underground Railroad Quilt

I made this quilt 3 years ago. Some of you have seen it, but as I was downloading pictures last night, I saw the file on my computer and thought I would share. It was really fun, and each row has a story about how the underground railroad worked to allow slaves to escape.


  1. The underground railroad and its history in relation to quilts has always been fascinating to me. I'd love to hear the story of our quilt! I have a book about this slave help system and quilts. I should bring it in June.

  2. I can see that it is a row quilt. I see the churn dash, dresdon plate, bear paws, log cabins, bow ties, flying geese, and the drunkard's path among a couple others I can't recall the names of. It is so neat!

  3. I really love that quilt. I love the colors and the rows, and especially the story behind it.


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