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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mom's quilts

Mom made this feathered star a few years back. It is hand quilted as are all of her quilts. She and I took a class from Sharon Schamber for this quilt block. Mine is still unfinished.

A closer look.

This was a kit that Dad picked out for Mom from the Amish back in Indiana. They were precut pieces, so this quilt was not strip pieced. She hand quilted this one last summer. It is beautiful!

Mom spent much of the winter finishing up this quilt. It is beautifully hand quilted. We made these at our family retreat last spring. You saw Tracy's and mine when we posted them a few months back. Felicity's is also done and quilted.

I love the crocheted edge. It is gorgeous!

Mom's 3+ sides done. My third side is on the bottom of hers -- so different!

This is the result of Mom's mini quilts. We did these a couple years ago for our family retreat.

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