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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reveal your space

Hay, I thought it would be fun if everyone -- EVERYONE -- posted a few photos of their sewing space. It might help us all bond or something. There are rules, though.
1. You cannot clean it or move anything. Take an as is photo.
2. If your space spans the house into various rooms, please reveal all.
3. If you follow this blog but don't really quilt (Shanna, Kristen, Dorine, etc) please blog your hobby space -- whatever that hobby may be.

This really could be fun.

This is in my sewing room. It is a very tiny space with a lot of cabinets and wall to wall counters/tables. This is my cutting / pressing area.

This is my counter stacked to the hilt with coke crates. Each crate has an unfinished project in it -- so embarrassing! You can also see the table where I generally keep my Bernina and actually sew. Right now it has piles of future project ideas.

This is in the corner. You can see a window on each side. This section holds the Juki and my miniatures project. Tattered Toby hangs on the wall. You can also see another stack of those UFO coke crates.

This is my inspiration wall. It has a little 30's wallhanging I won at an annual meeting miniatures raffle and a 30's pinwheel quilt Loretta made me for Christmas. There is also a photo of a beautiful trapunto quilt that I hope to make someday and a dated list of all the FINISHED projects I've completed in the past couple of years.

This is my quilt magazine/book case. Notice how small the miniature pinwheel is next to the bookcase. The top CLEAN shelf is Jim's church books. The bottom MESSY one is mine.

This is my kitchen table. It has hosted my Bernina for several months now as I have been machine quilting. You can see the current project in it.
Oh, I still have JOY in the window from Christmas.
And that concludes DJ's sewing space.

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