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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dorinda Story Book

I just spoke with Tracy and she would like to put together a Dorinda story book about what we are doing. She does it on-line with She wants to tell our story with pictures and journal entries, and she wants to even put in a geneology chart. I think this is just so cool! I gave her permission to use our blog journal entries and photos. We can even email info and photos to her. She says that we can all look at it and approve it as she works on it. Anyone who will want one can buy one for the Heritage Maker's cost of around $40. She said that sometimes she can get discounts or multiple orders of the same book might bring the price down.

I wanted to scrapbook this project, but I'll gladly just buy a book that is already done for me! She is willing to share with anyone who wants one. I suppose this will be her part in this great project as she is not making the quilt.

DORINDA'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! Do you think that Jan 15th 2010 would be a reasonable goal to get this quilt completed and quilted by? That would be a cool birthday present for her, don't you think? I wish her birthday wasn't in January because it would be so neat to all meet in PineValley with our finished quilts for her birthday.

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Ann Topham said...

What a great Idea. Tracy is so great to think of that an put it into Heritage Maker. I have no problem with her using any of our pictures or comments in the book.

Also, I think it would really be a neat idea to finish and meet in Pine Valley on Jan 15, 2010. That would be so cool, and for us to take pictures, and try to go to the church. I don't know if they have missionaries there in the winter, but we could certainly find out and take the tour, if possible.