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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 6 2008 10:15

Hi everyone! I just wanted to keep in a little better touch with my sisters (my in-laws are sisters too). Mom, Felicity, and I have completed the Dorinda quilt applique' pattern and are getting ready to dye our fabrics to begin. My fabric is actually all dyed except the green. We had fun last week experimenting with colors and painting as you saw at the reunion. This year's quilt retreat will be in June -- we're shooting for the first week. We are also considering doing it at Marie's in Salt Lake City pending Marie's ok and if she is not moved to Logan yet.

How are your miniatures coming? I need to complete a couple more blocks and assemble mine. Tracy, do you need any help? I thought your top was done. Becky, I thought you had all or almost all your blocks done. If anyone needs any help and would like to plan a get-together to boost finishing up this project or any other, let me know. I would welcome you at my house anytime. Things aren't so crazy right now. I would even meet you, Tracy, at Marie's if need be. I know there are few days in August that Marie will be home. Life is good here!

Jim went with Cody to Farmington, NM today to help drive truck. The girls are both trying out for jr. high volleyball; it is Jessi's first year. She has decided to play ball this year and cut down to one day a week dance. We just completed jr. high registration and it cost me only $120 total; however, I still have to rent their instruments. They both play the french horn and it costs me $45 per year per girl. I won't buy them one unless they continue onto high school band. Well, gotta run. Keep in touch. Deana

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