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Thursday, August 14, 2008

8/14/08 12:56 AM
I am very excited about your quilting plans, but no, I am not going to get in on this. I really don't like having unfinished projects and I can tell, I don't commit the time to it that I should. I will just get excited for you guys and the heritage you are adding to. It's a great thing. One thing I can't help but to mention is a new found pasttime I have found and you might just be interested in it. It is called Heritage maker. It is a way to scrapbook your pictures and write stories, but print them into a bound, hard cover book. It might really be a great way to preserve your stories of building the quilt, put in pictures of Dorina, her quilts, your quilts, and write about the memories your making as you make your own quilts. You could also create a pedigree of it. Once you make the book, it is on file to print as many copies of it as you would like for years to come. You do it all on line. I'm working on some books and posters in my spare time and I'm really loving it. Anyway, this is only a thought, it's just something that has got me excited. Best of luck on you quilts, but I will sit this one out.
Love, Tracy

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