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Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25, 2008 12:35 PM

I just did some fabric dyeing this week and am hooked again. Mom is coming over on Monday to try some. We are thinking about doing our whole quilt in mostly our own created fabrics. If you are interested, I will see if I can find a day to come up (if you're home). I have to buy my girls' school pants upstate because they don't sell their size here. Maybe we could get together. Mom would like to come as well. I only work Tues through Thurs. till the end of August. I get off at 1:00. The handiquilter is not the machine I use occassionally. The one I use is a regular long arm machine. If I recall correctly, the handiquilter is a setup where you can put your own machine on it. I don't care for the limited space available under the machine -- even the Juki or Brother which have a longer arms. I feel completely restrained by the handiquilter. I really need to show you free motion machine quiting on your Bernina. There are no limits. As far as I'm concerned, the handi quilter only saves you the hassel of having to baste the quilt together before you quilt it. Grant it, that is a lot of time! When you are limited to a few inches of space, you may have to stop in the middle of a quilt design, knot off, and pick up again the next time you roll. I don't like that. After having used a long arm, I still prefer to use my home Bernina except for the basting part. If I had a long arm, I would only use it to generally baste the quilt together and then take it to my home machine. You may feel otherwise. Everyone has their preferences.

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