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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Deana: All in a day's work!

I had the day off and I chose to spend it sewing.  I feel like I really got a lot done although I had hoped to do a little more.

I got Storm at Sea on the quilt frames and began basting.

I finished quilting Jodi's Cheron and attached the binding.

I did most of the outline quilting on Mom's Medallion.

Last, I made a receiving blanket for my first grandbaby who is coming in June.  He is going to be a little cowboy.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Deana: February Quiltathon

So the past few days have been a quiltathon hosted by Patchwork Times.  Here is what I have been working hard on:

Diamond Hill is glue basted.  This one took a lot of hours and I am glad to have it this far.  The hand stitching is easy and fast once it gets to this point.

I basted "Granny Went Star Crazy."

I cut my "Storm at Sea" backing to size.  This blue fabric will go on the back of another quilt I have as well.  I have yet to decide if I favor wide backings or not.  The back of the quilt is so much easier to press if it is not extra wide because I iron before I sew it together.  On the other hand, wide backing means less time because it does not have to be seamed.

I quilted Jodi's Chevron.  I do still have the four corner squares and the binding, but it is very close.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Deana: I have started Diamond Hill

Crazy old me decided to join the free BOM, Diamond Hill.  I certainly did not need to start a new project, but I obviously didn't resist.  It is just glue basted for now and I still have to add the flowers.  I have two parent teacher conferences this coming week (I work at two schools), so I will be working until 9:00 pm.  When parents are not visiting me perhaps I can stitch.  There is always down time.  I am also traveling soon to my daughter's house which is a 7 hour drive one way.  I think I will have lots of stitching time to get this done.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Deana: a fruitful quilter's weekend

My photos don't really show it, but I really got a lot done on Saturday.  I was able to baste two quilts so I can begin quilting them:  Mom's Medallion and Jodi's Chevron.

I got my "Diamond Hill" applique' pattern enlarged to size and traced in where the main pieces will go.  If you look close, you can see the blue lines of where the applique' pieces will go on the background.  I just LOVE this background and can't wait to see the flowers begin to form on it.

I cut the pieces for 16 more blocks in my Christmas Log Cabin Quilt and put it on the design wall.  Since I finished a quilt last week I had the space on the wall.  Once it goes on the wall it does not come down until the top is done.

The purple seen in the photo below does not go with the Christmas quilt.  It is there and ready to paper piece another Dear Jane block.  

I got "Granny Went Star Crazy" on the frames so I can baste it.
I hope to quilt it in March.

I laid out "Storm at Sea" because it helps me to study a quilt in preparation to machine quilt it.  Often when I study it, ideas of how best to quilt it pop into my mind.  I hope to get it on the frames and basted after "Star Crazy" is done.

I also put my sliced quilt challenge on my other design wall.  Dear Jane was up there last week, but I have moved it to a spare bed in the house because it has so many pieces and is quite heavy on the wall.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Deana: Dear Jane is moving along

Hello bloggers!  How are all of your wonderful projects moving along through this snowy winter?  Well, I have had a good January.

Last night after work I was able to assemble what is completed so far of my Dear Jane Quilt.  I had to sew together some sashing strips and join together rows that needed it.  I have only 18 blocks left and they are all pieced ones.  The applique' ones are complete!  This baby will get done this year!

As a reminder that Dear Jane blocks are only 4 1/2 inches finished, I took this photo with a fork.  You can see that a table fork is much taller than a Dear Jane block.

I also finished my pieced borders on another quilt, but I am not ready to reveal it yet.  

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Deana: One Monthly Goal Setting

OOPS!  I accidentally linked my January One Monthly Goal finish instead of my February goal.  This post is getting it right.

This is my REAL link up to One Monthly Goal for February.  It is my goal to completely finish - quilt and bind - my Storm at Sea quilt.  Yay!

I am also linking up with theme-tas-stitch-2017.  February's instructions are to "Focus Finish February".  My finish focus will be my storm at sea quilt.

Besides my one monthly goal I also hope to:

  • Quilt Jodi's Chevron
  • Outline quilt Mom's Medallion
  • Baste Star Crazy
  • Applique' my first Diamond Hill BOM block
  • 4 Dear Jane blocks completed
  • Finish my family country mystery quilt top BECAUSE I can't justify starting a new top without finishing another.

Deana; 17 in 2017 January Progress

I joined 17 for 2017 where we made a list of 17 UFOs that we hope to make significant progress on in 2017.  You can see my list here.
Today we link up to show what progress we made.  Below is a list of how my projects looked when I started and the progress I made through the month.  I will only be listing the ones I made progress on.

Number 1 on my list was my Block Lotto Quilt - I won this quilt in 2016.  It was my first ever Block Lotto winning and I just love it!  I hoped to get some borders on it and put it into the "to be quilted" pile.

Here is the AFTER photo!

Number 2 was Periwinkle - This one just needed borders, quilted, and bound.  It was a family round robin that my sister put together for me.  Each year my two sisters, mom, and two sisters-in-law purchase fabric and select a design for a family member.  We cut it all out and make it into monthly kits.  Each month we pass them around so everyone works on them.  We always make sure an entire finished top makes it home to the owner at the end.  My sister Tracy created it for me.



Number 3 is  Dear Jane - I have 2 1/2 rows left to get the blocks done.


5 applique blocks added!  I am now completely finished with all of the applique blocks for this quilt.  The remaining ones are pieced.

Number 4 is a Country Quilt- 

I got the border pieces organized and began sewing on them.

Number 10 was  Tracy's Columns - I needed to quilt it for my sister Tracy.



Number 11 was  Felicity's stars 



Number 16 is Jodi's Chevron - I need to quilt this for my sister, Jodi.



I would also like to report on all of my progress for January.  In addition to the 17 for 2017 progress listed above, I also quilted one more quilt for my Aunt Joann.

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