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Friday, July 31, 2015

Deana: Brielle's Braid

I have all the columns made for Brielle's Braid Quilt minus one sashing strip.  I am loving it!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Deana: 2 braids done

I was able to get two braided columns done today.  I think this quilt is so beautiful that it drives me to continue.  I have three more columns to make.

Deana: A little bit of work done...

I was able to get a little sewing done on Brielle's Braid.  I need to make one more column of these and then I will begin on the braids.
I am out of town without my design wall so this is the best I could do.

I made one column with half square triangles for the white and then switched to quarter square triangles to keep the bias on the inside rather than the outside.  I think it will lay much better that way.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Deana: Shimmer Braid binding is complete!

It really is done!  What can I say but "Oh Buddy Yeah!"

I am not home so not photographing in the usual places AND I have to use my phone as a camera.  Sorry about the quality.

Photo below is before the binding was attached.

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Deana: Shimmer Braid is quilted!

Yippee!  Shimmer Braid is finally quilted and just in time before I begin a new project I designed for Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Introducing Scottish Dancers, a new design by Dreamworthy Quilts for Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  This will be a FREE QAL beginning near the end of August.  We are awaiting the fabric to arrive from Moda's warehouse.  Check back for more details.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ann's Projects for July

My second granddaughter, Melissa, graduated from High School in June. We were not able to go to Washington for the occasion, but as I have said before, I have a goal to make a quilt for each grandchild when they graduate. She is #3 of 13. Her mother and sister had a trip planned to come see us and get a 5 generation picture with my mother, so I got the quilt finished in time for that visit.
This a Dorinda original, quilted around 1880, called Pine Tree

Dorinda's middle name was Melissa, and I thought it fitting to give my Melissa one of the quilt I have made from her collection.

The quilt made it to Washington yesterday, and here it is with Melissa holding it.

My free motion quilting is not ready for a big quilt yet, so I used the feed dogs and presser foot.
I finished the two rows for this month's QAL. This will be a throw size and I will be keeping this one for myself.
And our 5 generation picture
I am on the left, my mother, Marian (Dorinda's descendant), my granddaughter, Stephanie and her baby, Paul are seated, and my daughter, Vonda is on the right.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Deana: Sewing on braids

Today I am showing some progress I have made on Brielle's Braid.  I have most of the quilt cut out now and have begun work on the sashing strips.

I am almost finished quilting Shimmer Braid and hope to have a finish within the week.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deana: Buggy Barn Stars

I have my quilt pretty much laid out.  It needs 9 more blocks.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Deana: Dorinda Quilt is bound!

She's finally bound!  These photos show the hand quilting a little better - love it!

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I was featured at Fabric Tuesday for my Flowering Snowball quilt top that is finished - Yay!

Also, I was featured at Blossom Heart Quilts - Yay!  I guess she liked my flowering snowball quilt as well.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Deana: Buggy Barn Stars, Brielle's Braid, & Machine Quilting

I have been working on a few projects today.

I am trimming the Buggy Barn star blocks to size.  Here are a few up on the design wall.

I am also still deciding on the arrangement of fabric for Brielle's Braid.  I am going to get another black and add to the top.  It just needs more black.

I am also getting Shimmer Braid quilted.  I am only getting to it a little each day, but it is still progress nonetheless.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Deana: Starting a new project

Yes, I am starting a new project today.  It is for my niece, Brielle, so I am calling it Brielle's Braid.  Her mother found this picture some where and Brielle loved it.

These are the fabrics I have gathered.  I purchased nearly all of them online at two different stores.  I think they will go well together.  The hardest part is determining the order to put them in.  I am getting close on deciding on this.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Deana: Americana House and Horse

I got a lot of hours of sewing in on Monday and Tuesday while at Mom's cabin, but not much since.  I did get some time today, however to make this cute little house.  I need 7 more blocks to complete a Buggy Barn Americana quilt so I thought I would make up some random blocks out of Americana fabric.  This block is from my Spring Row quilt.

I also spent quite a bit of time computer sketching patterns for these blocks in my Americana Row Quilt.  

Please ignore the machine quilting.  This was probably the first or second quilt I ever attempted to machine quilt.  My work is much improved now.  I would LOVE to pick out TONS of the quilting on this quilt and redo it, but it shows my progress as a quilter so I'm leaving it.

I also found time this afternoon to complete the machine blanket stitch on the horse's mane.  Silhouettes will come next.  This quilt is Mom but I am doing the blanket stitch for her in trade for some work she did for me.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Deana: Two Day Cabin Getaway

Mom and I retreated to the cabin for two days and got quite a bit done.

I got my Flowering Snowball top done and nearly finished some old Buggy Barn Star Blocks.

I am linking this post up with Val's Tuesday Archives because today's theme is "Scrappy".  I think both quilts fit that description.  I love "scrappy" quilts but I like them to be color coordinated scrappy.

These blocks just need two more pieces added.  I am very close.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Deana: Weekend Progress

After years and years (7 years actually) of working (and not working) on this quilt it finally is quilted and has the binding attached.  I will get the handwork done on the binding before July is out.  

You probably noticed that this quilt is in the banner along with three others like it.  This quilt is a family heirloom (or will be).  My mother, her two cousins, Ann & Marie, and myself set out on an ancestry journey to recreate our Great Great Great Grandmother Dorinda's quilt.  Add an extra "Great" for me as I am a generation behind them.  Grandma Dorinda was an amazing woman who made this quilt in 1892 when she was 84 years old.  Unlike my grandmother who took only six weeks to hand quilt hers, mine has taken much longer.  Two years after Dorinda's death the Sunburst Quilt won a first prize at the 1897 Pioneer Jubilee Fair in Utah.  

Grandma Dorinda dyed her own fabrics from local plants.  Because of this, my mother and I hand dyed our fabrics using Dharma dye products.  It was fun and just felt right.  We hand appliqued all of the flowers and vine.  We paper pieced the "sunbursts" and joined them together using curved piecing methods.  I recreated the pattern from the photo below.  It took some intense study and designing to re-create the sunbursts.  I literally enlarged the applique until it was the size I wanted and then traced it off.

Below is a picture of the original Dorinda quilt.  You can see that each of us did ours a little bit different and none of us put the yellow/black border between the blocks or did half blocks at the top.  While our colors are all similar to Dorinda's, all of us made a few changes.  I added purple flowers, Mom has a yellow dyed background, and Marie did hers on black.  

Ann added some ancestry photos to the centers of her flowers and changed the style of her flowers.  Dorinda is pictured below.

Ann's mother Marian and grandmother Mamie are pictured.  Mamie is my Great Grandmother whom I knew well and loved deeply.  I lived with her for two summers during my college years.

The bond I have with Dorinda and my mother's cousins is so strong because of this project.  My quilt, after years of sitting with one border left unquilted, is finished because my mom insisted that she would finish it for me.  I am trading her work on her horse quilt.  So, that just makes it that much more special.  Thanks Mom!

I went back through old posts and decided to make this little timeline for this project:

2008 Fall (August-ish) four of us began this project - Marie, Ann, Lyn, and Deana.  None of us live in the same city and are actually two or more hours apart.

2009 February - Marie had two sides appliqued.  She placed a quarter on it to show how small her pieces were.  Ours were much larger.

 Look at the size difference as Marie and I worked on our own together one day.  Can you see it on her lap?

 2009 March 27 - Ann had two sides appliqued

2009 April 9 - Lyn (Mom) had three sides appliqued and had a good start on the 4th

2009 May 12 - We had a piecing retreat where we met at Marie's and began paper piecing the center blocks.

2009 Dec 1 - Mom's top is done approximately 1 1/2 years after starting.

2010 April 19 - Ann's quilt is hand quilted and finished - 20 months after starting.  She had help from her sister Dorine and her mother Marian among others.

2010 May 28 - I finished my top approximately 21 months after starting.

2010 May 9 - Mom's quilt is hand quilted and finished - 21 months after starting.  She quilted it by herself.

I began quilting mine on June 20, 2010 and had to take it off the frames with one border left in November 2010.  Mom even came and helped me quilt a couple of days.  I quilted on it for 5 months.  I had a commission quilt that needed hand quilted so I bumped it ahead of Dorinda.  It took mom all of 1 week to finish it for me.

2011 February - Marie's finished and hand quilted - 2 and 1/2 years after starting.

Ann and Marie's sister, Dorine, did not make the Sunburst quilt with us, but she did re-make one of Dorinda's quilts.  It is shown below.

Several years back the five of us traveled to Southern Utah to Pine Valley where Dorinda lived the end of her life.  We found the church where Dorinda attended and her grave.  It was a most meaningful and memorable trip.