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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

17 in 2017 update

Here are my 17 projects for 2017 and an update on every one of them.  The idea was to make progress on them in 2017

1.  Block Lotto Quilt - I won this quilt in 2016.  It was my first ever Block Lotto winning and I just love it!  I hope to at least get some borders on it and put it into the "to be quilted" pile.

Top Done!

2.  Periwinkle - This one just needs borders, quilted, and bound.  It was a family round robin that my sister put together for me.  Each year my two sisters, mom, and two sisters-in-law purchase fabric and select a design for a family member.  We cut it all out and make it into monthly kits.  Each month we pass the around so everyone works on them.  We always make sure an entire finished top makes it home to the owner at the end.  My sister Tracy created it for me.

Top Done!

3.  Dear Jane - I have 2 1/2 rows left to get the middle blocks done.

Much progress - 6 blocks to go

4.  Mystery Country - This is a mystery quilt I designed and did with my family  in 2016.  It is close to done, but I cannot reveal it all yet until the other group members catch up.  I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Top Done!  No photo to show.  I may use this for a mystery quilt.

5.  Jodi's Lattice - I designed this one for my sister and still want to make myself one.  This was also a family round robin quilt.

Almost Quilted!

6.  Star Crazy - This one is also mine and needs quilted and bound.

Basted and ready to quilt!  It is the middle one in the pile.

7.  Mystery Brights Quilt - This is a second mystery quilt I started out of the same pattern as #4 above.  Still can't show too much.

Nothing done on this at all this year!

8.  Sliced Quilt Challenge - This was one of the first group projects I ever did.  Each of us selected a picture to recreate, blew it up to the size we wanted our quilt to be, sliced it 6 ways, and gave each slice to a group member to recreate.  One lady in the group never did my slice so it is the one that is not done.  No worries.  She and I are close friends and I love her.

So, my mind has pondered a bit on how I want to finish up this project.  I think I want it to end up rectangular.  I was browsing quilt blogs and found the perfect border for it (I think).  I found that Janeen at Quilt Art Designs has designed the perfect edition to my little quilt.  She has created a landscape quiltalong, but the row I want is the last one, so I may have to wait awhile to buy the pattern.  

Circle complete and a plan on how I want to finish it.  I want to square it up. I purchased a darling paper pieced winter town row that I want to border the top and bottom with.

9.  Quilted Barns - this is a quilt I designed as I went along.  I hope to add a few more blocks.  Each block is pretty intense, so I will consider that good progress.

Not touched this year yet!

10.  Tracy's Columns - I need to quilt if for my sister Tracy.


11.  Felicity's stars designed by Tracy - I need to quilt this for Felicity.


12.  Jessi's Medallion - I need to quilt this for Mom.  I designed it and have made two of them and still want to make another for my son.  


13.  Felicity's blue sparkle stars - I need to quilt this for Felicity.  This was a family round robin quilt.


14.  Spider Web - I need to quilt this for Felicity.  This was also a family round robin quilt.

Not touched this year!

15.  Christmas Log Cabin - This is a lovely log cabin quilt out of Christmas fabrics.  It is really very close to done and only needs a 17 on 2017 challege to finish the top at least.

Top done and basted to quilt.

16.  Jodi's Chevron - I need to quilt this for my sister, Jodi.


17.  Storm & Sea - This one is mine and it needs quilted and bound.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Dear Jane

I made a few Dear Jane blocks last week.  I only have 7 more to make and this baby will be near done.  I am not piecing the triangle border.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Blocks together...

Now I have the flower blocks put together so you can see the whole picture.  I have to hand stitch the corners down on the flower curves and only one block is done.  The other three are glued.

As I look at the blocks from afar, I have decided to do curved piecing when I make mine.  Yes, this is for a friend, but I have fabric set aside to make one for myself as well.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Finally making time to sew again!

Yes, it is true.  I have been absent from blogland since July.  I haven't sewn a stitch either.  I am a middle school teacher who doesn't have a prep period this year.  I am also teaching new things so it takes considerable time to create a new curriculum.  Anyway, I AM BACK!

I started sewing again this week and made up these blocks for a Christmas gift quilt.  It will be a small one and these blocks are very big - 16 inches.  I still need to make two stars and finish one.  The star/flower blocks have curved edges that I turn over and hand stitch down.  I have not yet started that.

My November goals:

1.  The quilt shown above.  It is my One Monthly Goal to completely finish this quilt - piecing, quilting, binding.

2.  Complete the last row in my Dear Jane quilt.  Just ONE MORE ROW LEFT!  YAY!  Now, that does not include the border but I am not going to piece the border.  I am only going to use colored triangles.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

One Monthly Goal!

Hello Blogland:

This was my One Monthly Goal Post for August.  I didn't sew a single stitch in August so I am making it to my September One Monthly Goal.  I plan to finish quilting and attach the binding to Jodi's Lattice.  You've seen it before.  Here are some close ups of what the quilting is looking like but I still have a lot left on it.

I only have a small corner finished.  The rest of the quilt still looks like the picture below:

I have other goals too, but you have seen the projects before so I will just post my progress on them as I go.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fun Quilter's Luncheon

Today was the "Grand Reveal" of what we did with the fat quarters I gave my friends for Christmas.  We all started with the same fabrics and ended up with beautiful projects.

Deb did a Bargello.

Faye did a Buggy Barn.

Lorna, my mother-in-law, did a Missouri Star Quilt Company star block.

Mariella made a table runner.

Theresa did this beautiful courthouse steps quilt.

She took a photo outside where we had our luncheon.  Notice the beautiful quilting!

You have probably all seen what I did with the fabric.  It still needs borders finished and quilted.

Linda didn't get a quilt made.  She is the most giving person in this entire world and probably did so much for everyone else that she didn't have time to do for herself.  She is my idol!

We call ourselves the "Priceless Quilters"  because our friendship is priceless and most of them live in a town called "Price".  We have sewn together and gone to quilt shows and classes for many many years.  Others have been a part of us but these are the ones that have really stayed together.  I don't get to sew with them monthly anymore because I work full time but I still join in on our Christmas quilt gift swap.

On our way home we stopped at Lorna's to see all her finishes for this year.  I guess she gave us a little trunk show that I will share with you.  By the way, she is my sweet sweet mother-in-law who is responsible for teaching me to quilt.  I love her so so so much!

Her Dear Jane is all quilted and ready to bind.  The quilting in her border is SPECTACULAR!  I should have my top done this year as well.  This was a project we all did together, and we all have ours in various stages.

I am SO IN LOVE with this peacock machine embroidery quilt!

The one below is a hand applique' Hawaiian Quilt.

The quilt below might not look like muh but if you could see it up close you would drool!  I just love the machine embroidery on the seam lines.

She has really gone to town on her 2017 finishes!  I am so proud of her!

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