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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Star Crazy complete

I have finally completed the Star Crazy quilt that I pieced in 2010. It has been in the stack for grandchildren's graduation gifts. My 3rd granddaugher (of 6) and 4th grandchild (of 13) will be graduating from High School next week. 
I did a combination of "stitch in the ditch" and "free motion" 
The free motion quilting is in the corners and edges of the star center and along the green strips on the top and bottom. I challenge for me, as this is the first queen size I have used the free motion on.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Deana: April goal follow-up

Well, April has come and gone and I did not get all my goals done.  I probably would have made it but I decided to go jeeping with my husband, daughter, and son-in-law this weekend in Moab.  It was WONDERFUL to get away and so worth it.

I did not get my "One Monthly Goal" done but it is really very close.  I am sure I'll finish quilting Mom's pinwill this week.

The photos don't show the quilting very good, but here they are:

I am also participating in Granny Maud's Girl "Bee, Myself, and I" monthly goals.  The ladies there are fabulous with lots of eye candy to watch evolve.  Check them out at this link.

Here is my April progress:

1.  Finish Dad's Horse quilt top.

DONE!  It was a lot of fun!

2.  Baste Brielle's Braid to prep it for quilting.

NOT DONE - about half way basted.

3.  Assemble "Sweet Cherry Orange" complete with border.


4.  Make a block for Hive 2 over at Stashbee.


5.  Make a Block Lotto butterfly block.


6.  Plan a border for  my Lotto winnings quilt top.

YES - ALL PLANNED!  I am going to love the border I chose, but it will take some time to make.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Deana: I finished Dad's Horse quilt!

Yay!  I can cross another UFO off of my list.  My mom made this quilt for Dad but she doesn't do machine applique'.  I traded her some hand quilting for all the silhouettes on this quilt.  It may look simple but it did involve a lot of time finding pictures of family, cutting them out, sizing them to fit the border, tracing them onto fusible webbing, and stitching around all those legs and tiny places.  I also had to hand applique' the center circle onto the borders at the sides and finish some of the horse applique' in the center - mainly the mane and face.

Sorry, it really needs pressed!

Below is a photo of the quilt I made for my son on the wall, and Mom's quilt to Dad on the floor.  It is fun for me to see them together.

I have also been machine quilting for Mom.  She really liked the way I did the red quilt for Joann so I am trying to duplicate the idea the best I can.  I hope to go visit her soon and take her the horse quilt (she is going to hand quilt it) and this pinwheel quilt finished.

Here is the back.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Deana: Dear Jane and Stashbee

I have completed 4 Dear Jane blocks this week!  Hooray!  I am pretty excited about that.  Perhaps I will finish this quilt some day.

Here are my finished blocks so far:

and a close up of the bottom section

I also made a block for my hive mate at stashbee.  She asked for complimentary colors in this star pattern.

I also got some quilting done but not enough to really show yet.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2nd Quarter Goals and Linkup

Goal setting really helps me to get things done, so here are my second quarter plans:

1.  Finish Dad's Horse Quilt Top

2.  Quilt Mom's Pinwheel

3.  Quilt Brielle's Braid

4.  Quilt Joann's Apple Core
5.  Quilt Joann's flower applique'
6.  Baste Grand Illusion

7. Put a border on my Block Lotto winnings Quilt

8. Assemble and put a border on "Sweet Cherry Orange"

9.  Put a border on Periwinkle

10.  1 row of Dear Jane complete
11.  Design family mystery quilt

I am linking up with 2nd Quarter 2016 finish along at She can Quilt.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Deana: One Monthly Goal Link Up & "Bee Myself and I"

It is April already and I have yet to blog about my monthly goals like I have done in previous years.  Since Red Letter Quilter is hosting "One Monthly Goal" I thought I would join in and get back to goal setting.

My "One Monthly Goal for April" is to quilt Mom's Pinwill quilt.  I just finished basting it this morning so it is ready to go.

I am also participating in Granny Maud's Girl "Bee, Myself, and I" monthly goals.  The ladies there are fabulous with lots of eye candy to watch evolve.  Check them out at this link.

Here are my other goals for April:

1.  Finish Dad's Horse quilt top.
2.  Baste Brielle's Braid to prep it for quilting.
3.  Assemble "Sweet Cherry Orange" complete with border.
4.  Make a block for Hive 2 over at Stashbee.
5.  Make a Block Lotto butterfly block.
6.  Plan a border for  my Lotto winnings quilt top.

Wish me luck!

Deana: Horse silhouettes updated

I now have three sides of the silhouettes complete and the top and bottom rows are attached.  One more to go which I should have completed by the end of the day.  Sorry about the sunlight coming through the window.

Below is a closeup of my brother's family all holding hands.  I just love how it looks.  Next to it is my niece Bailey when she was small feeding a horse from a bucket.

Below shows Mom and Dad together and my Dad's horse drawn limo.  Those wheels were so tedious but look great!  

I managed to get all of Dad's grandchildren onto the quilt along with his brother, father, sons, and father-in-law - well sort of.  Grandpa Winkler is in the back of the wagon on the way to the cemetary to lay his body to rest.  It might sound strange to you, but it was a very special day for us as my Dad was able to make his final wish come true by doing this last service for him.

Every silhouette on the quilt is an actual picture of someone loved by Dad.  I enlarged them to the size I wanted, cut them out, and flipped them over to see if they made a good silhouette or not.  It takes time but is so rewarding.  

 I keep a large quilt hanging on the wall at my house.  I like to change it with the seasons and my mood.  Currently I have my sons quilt on the wall and my Dad's quilt (made by mom except the silhouettes) on the floor.  It is fun to see them together and make comparisons to their individual silhouettes.

The center horse is not my design.  I purchased it and enlarged it considerably.  It has 3D mane sticking up on the ends and makes it look very real and windblown.  The circle around the horse is my design and the idea to use real silhouettes of people we love was my husband's brilliant idea.

Here is a close up of my son't quilt on the wall.

I am nearly finished basting this pinwill quilt for Mom and hope to start quilting today or Monday.  We made it for her in a round robin a few years back.  Mom had purchased fat quarter bundles for all of us for Christmas.  We decided to draw names and send them off to each other to plan a quilt with the fabric.  Next, we passed them around each month round robin style and had a fun surprise at the end when we all received out fat quarter bundles back in the form of a finished quilt top.  It is so much fun!  We do it every year.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Deana: Silhouettes

Today I have been tracing, fusing and cutting out silhouettes for Dad's Horse Quilt.  It is time consuming but fun to see them after they are cut out.  I have cut enough for three sides of the border, so I am getting close.

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Deana: Bee, myself, and I linkup

I am participating in Carla's "Bee, Myself, and I " this year.  She made several blocks for others last year and didn't get many made for herself, so she is hosting this.  She does not have a linky tool but will link my post to her blog post.  

For March I completed the following blocks for myself:

Sophie's Block Lotto March Pattern.  I am in LOVE with these blocks!

Periwinkle block - I made a whole row of them to enlarge my quilt and got it attached to the rest of the quilt.

I also made the rest of my "Sweet Cherry Orange" blocks and am ready to assemble the quilt.

See the other linkups at Granny Maud's Girl Blog.  She will post on April 1st.   Here is the official link-up post where you can see everyone's wonderful Bee, Myself, I progress.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Deana: A mix of projects going on...

I had the day off so I just sent several projects through the machine chain style.  

Flower blocks:  I am making these from scraps for a friend.  This is just the start.

I made another row in my Periwinkle quilt.  This was made by family in a round robin and there were enough cut pieces left for another row so I decided to sew them up.

Here are my March Stashbee stars.  I have had one block done for awhile but wanted to do a second one.  I hope Lori, Hive 2 in the Stashbee, likes them as much as  I enjoyed making them.

I also joined together some Dear Jane rows and made four more blocks in my "Sweet Cherry Orange" quilt.

I live in a beautiful desert and close to Moab.  We went jeeping this weekend and saw some beautiful places.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Deana: This and That

So, I am always working on more than one thing at a time.  I think it entertains me.  Here is my design wall showing a variety of projects but mostly my "Sweet Cherry Orange" quilt.  Thank you Hive 2 for all of your lovely blocks!

Over the past two days I completed the following:

Two Sweet Cherry Orange Blocks...I also received one in the mail - Thank you Hive 2!

One Periwinkle Block...I am adding an additional row to this quilt and have the other blocks nearly ready to sew up the last seams.

One star block for Lori in my Stashbee Hive...I plan to make her another star in blue but have not yet decided on the pattern.  I got this one off of Youtube with the Missouri Quilt Company.  While I love the block and thoroughly enjoyed making it, I do not like that the outside edges are all on the bias.  I may make more of these blocks again some time, but my starter hst will be cut straight rather than on the bias.

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