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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

New BOM quilts I have started

May years ago I was friends with a couple who had a little boy that stole my heart. He is 55 years old now, and is contemplating his 4th marriage. This lady seems more suited to him, so I want to make a quilt for them. His mother was part Cherokee Indian and he identifies with that part of his genealogy. I am making one of the quilts for him. It is callled TAOS and is in turquoise and browns. I have the first two blocks done.

The other quilt is a Christmas theme. This is the first block.
The colors aren't true on either picture. I will have to remember to take them in better light.

August One Monthly Goal

Hello Blogland!!  I am back after a week or so disappearance.  I hope to get out there and read your blogs this week, but I have 3 grand kids this week, one being an infant and the other two 3 and under.  Please be patient with me.  

I did finish my One Monthly goal for July - yay, but I didn't link up.

August One Monthly goal is to machine quilt my School Kid Barns Quilt.  I have started it, and it is not very big.  You can see basting stitches where I have not quilted yet.

Wish me luck!


August NDC is a little late. So Sorry!

I apologize for the delayed number release.  It has been a rough couple of weeks in my neck of the woods.  Baby boy was life flighted to a children's hospital over two weeks ago, underwent two surgeries, and is still fighting an infection.  My mind and time has not been on sewing or much else.

The new number for August is #7.  

My number 7 is to finish glue basting the borders on Diamond Hill.  It is something I don't enjoy, so it will be good to get it done.  The hand applique' part is what I enjoy and it will be done later.  I like to save it for road trips and such when I am away from my machine.

Please link up your progress from July, whatever it is.  I love to see what you are working on.  

Also, please link up what you will be working on in August.  You can do one or two posts; it does not matter to me.

Late comers are welcome to join.  The following numbers have been drawn thus far this year, so make a list and skip these numbers.  
4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

New comers can link their list at that linky party if desired.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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July 350 Blocks Challenge

I made many blocks for the 350 blocks challenge.  It is hosted by Prairie Moon.

July Block Total: 123

Year to Date total:  245

  • 11 Garden Ready Blocks
  • 1 cat
  • 1 mouse
  • 1 flower combo
  • 6 Sweet & Simple Flowers
  • 91 Trail Mix Blocks
  • 8 Feathered Goose
  • 3 Omigosh
  • 1 Santa

Friday, July 24, 2020

A complete finish and bouncing around on various projects...

It feels good to say that I have officially finished my Memory Round Robin.  I think it would be a cute little quilt for a little girl.  

A friend and I may start this cute Sand Dollar Quilt.  I don't want to start something new, but sometimes things get done because you do them with someone who will pull you along.  Here are my Fat Qs all lined up, pressed and ready.  I still need to trace the pattern.


Secret sewing for the Garden Party Row Along has been keeping me busy with paper piecing the past couple of days.

Trail mix is basted.  I partially unfolded it for the picture.  I have not yet made the binding for this one, which is unusual for me.  I now have 6 tops (I think) all basted and ready to quilt.  I hope to machine quilt for a few minutes every day.  My School Kid Barn Quilt is getting close by doing that.

Our little man is improving daily, but there is still no word on when he will get to come home.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Trail mix top done and To Do Tuesday

Last week was beyond horrible!  Our little twin who had bowel surgery the day he was born, and has only been home from the hospital a couple of weeks, had to be life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital due to a kinked and perforated bowel.  The team of amazing doctors performed a second surgery, left him open to decide what was best to do for him, and then performed a third surgery two days later.  He is just under two months old.  My heart bleeds for this little guy, but he is tough.  This photo was taken before the last surgery.

He is off the ventilator now, but his oxygen levels are low.  This little man needs to catch a break.

He is looking better though after almost a week in the hospital.

Our family did get some good news though.  My sister is the proud grandma of this adorable 9 lb 1 oz baby boy!  He was born two days after our little man was life flighted.  Needless to say, it was an emotional week for good and for bad.

I didn't get my goals done, hmm, wonder why?  Now that things have simmered down I did get some things done.

Last week's goals:

1.  Bind Memory Round Robin - X
2.  Some Omigosh Blocks - X
3. 1 Garden Party Row  - X
4.  Assemble Trail Mix Top - ✔
5.  Finish middle sections of Feathered Goose - X
6. Quilt 1/4 of Barnyard - ✔  Quilted and bound Yeehaw!
7.  1 Sweet & Simple Row - X

I loaded it onto the basting frames today!

This week's goals:

1.  Baste Trail Mix
2. 1 Garden Party block
3.  1 Sweet & Simple Row
4. Feathered Goose Middle Sections
5.  A little bit of machine quilting
6.  Bind Memory RR 

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

1 done...working on another couple

One Barnyard quilt is bound and completely finished!  YeeHaw!

I began quilting my School Kid Barn quilt. It had the same barns in it, so I thought I might as well quilt them the same way.  I am just doing simple quilting.  

For those who do not know, I did not make these quilt blocks.  I taught a class at school; thus, my students made them.

I dropped the past couple of weeks.  It has been a stressful week!  It is looking up though.

PHD Progress:  The yellow cells indicate projects I have worked on this month.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Santa makes an appearance in July!

I cut out fabric strips for my paper pieced Santa and Mrs. Santa blocks at my retreat last week but didn't get anything sewn on them.  I made one Santa today.  He was a tricky old man with a few directional prints making my brain work!  Not only was the background directional, but the words had to be all upright.  

I also completely quilted one Barnyard Quilt!  Ooh, that feels good!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

To Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday Report is below.  Check out what goals others are making for the coming week.

Last week's list:

1.  Some quilting ✔
2.  Fuse some Garden Party applique' 
3.  Paper Piece some Garden Party
4.  Make some Trail Mix Blocks 
5.  Make some Omigosh Blocks 

6.  Make some Feathered Goose Blocks 

7.  Make some Sweet & Simple Blocks 
8.  Baste two Barnyard quilts 

This week's goals:

1.  Bind Memory Round Robin
2.  Some Omigosh Blocks
3. 1 Garden Party Row
4.  Assemble Trail Mix Top
5.  Finish middle sections of Feathered Goose
6. Quilt 1/4 of Barnyard
7.  1 Sweet & Simple Row

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