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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Another bag and visiting family

I finished 3 more New York Beauties  yesterday.  I think I have 12 more  to be done.

I visited my daughters, grand babies, parents,  and siblings this week as well.  Family is everything! I just wish they lived closer.

I also made another bag.  I used the handles and hard ware off another bag for this one.  I love it! 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Graduation and Ruffled Roses

 The Ruffled Roses top from 2011 is now quilted, bound and delivered.
My friend Margaret did the quilting on her long arm. She was going out of town with her daughters and granddaughters, so did it quickly. Unfortunately when she got home her basement was flooded, so we were both so happy that she had taken the time to do it before she left, because her long arm machine is in her basement.
 This is the center section of the quilt. Lots of piecing and applique went into it.
 Oops, the tag is upside down, sorry

And here is our graduate, Kylie. She is number six of thirteen grandchildren.
Back in 2011, while I was working on the quilt, I spent a long weekend with the kids while their parents went to Las Vegas to run in a Ragnor Relay. I worked on the quilt while I was there and she sat right by me and watched me sew.
Kylie graduated from Northridge High School yesterday, with High Honors. She will attend Weber State University in the fall, but next week she will be taking a CNA class and then will probably work in an assisted living center this summer.
She is our Ice Skating Queen and will got to the national competition in Wenachee Washington in the fall. Last year she took second place over-all in Chicago.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NYB blocks and chickens

I have been busily sewing this last week of the month while I have been out of school.  I only have three days and then other activities will take my time.

Here are my May NYB blocks.  I made way less this month than any other month, but I am still plugging along and loving the project. chickens!  I love them!  They will be given eyes and added to my two barnyard quilts.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Deana: I have been sewing a little each day in May but don't have much to show yet...

May was a busy month with great events going on.  I went on school field trips and attended two weddings.  I sewed cute bags with my girls, spent time with my grand babies, and even watched my husband race (dirt track cars).  I have not been home for a Saturday all month.

As far as my quilty goals are concerned,  I am ahead on some and behind on some others.  School is out now, so you would think I would have some time.  The fact is that June is packed as well. 

Since my last log in I made this cute bag.  I have fabric and supplies to make two more.  My daughters are making them as well.

This is what it looked like all cut out with pockets and hadles attached.  Instead of purchasing the D rings and other hardware, I went to a local used item store and bought bags for $1 and cut them off.

I love the shoulder strap pad.  It is cute and useful!

The back of the bag has a pocket and a trolley sleeve to put over a handled piece of luggage.

There are side pockets where the shoulder strap is attached and can be removed.

The inside has a nice big pocket divided into three sections.

The inside also has a mesh pocket with a zipper.

I like the way the inside seams are covered with a binding.

I have been machine quilting as well.  I should have this one done today.  I am excited about the quilting pattern because I used my new quilting ruler.  Here is a sneak peak.

I also got the eyes on my barnyard animals.  They are so much cuter with eyes.  The cows will have nostrils and lashes as well.

I've got some chickens nearly finished as well.  I will post them soon.

Here is my 15 Minutes to Stitch Report:

Here is my PHD report:

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Ann: I am still here

I have been sadly absent for way too long. I had problems with my computer, not allowing me to attach pictures to the blog. When I finally got a new computer, I was too busy to post. I have been serving a service mission for my church, working at the FamilySearch center here in Lehi. That has been a wonderful experience, learning more for myself, but also being able to help others with their family history. I finished my mission this week and am trying to catch up on what I have not posted.

I finished the Civil War Memorial quilt, that I completed piecing in 2011. I gave it to Cody, Vonda's youngest son, for his graduation gift last year. He was really pleased with it.

In January of this year, we got another great grandson. His name is Colton Lee Turner.
I made this quilt from all flannel. It was more of a challenge than I thought it would be, but it turned out pretty cute, and it gets used a lot.
The picture is his one month of age.

 I have another graduation coming up this month and am getting the binding on. I will post when I get it completed!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

2 Barnyard Quilts are progressing...

I finished the sheep legs tonight and attached them the sheep.  I also made my animal stacks.

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My goal for April was to make 13 New York Beauty Blocks. I completed 15, so I'm pretty happy with that. I lined up all of my completed blocks on my design wall. It's fun to see the empty spots fill in as I finish another block.  Hopefully all my blocks will be finished by the end of May then I can start arranging, adding outer borders to the blocks that are missing them, and then put the whole top together.

Monday, May 6, 2019

I have been absent but having fun and One Monthly Goal

I have been blog absent for a couple of weeks because I have been playing out in the sun, but first, what have I finished since my last post?

I made a total of 9 blocks in April.

Moana is done as well, at least with the piecing.  I made two princesses in April.

After returning home from Spring Break and our bike trip, I worked for 5 days and then went to Moab for some fun family jeep trails.  This is our once or twice a year thrill.

My husband and I...

My daughter and her family...

15 Min to Stitch Report

My One monthly Goal is to quilt and bind Periwinkle.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

We made it to Arizona!

This past week for spring break we headed out with two vehicles, a camp trailer, and our bicycles to complete our trek to Arizona.  It was honestly the most scenic stretch of country EVER!

Each night I sewed on my quilt and completed the columns before returning home.  Here are the totals:

Hiked:  62 miles
Biked:  195 miles
Total:  257 miles

We started in January and ended on Thursday the 18th of April.  It took us only 11 days.

The days change from black to white in the quilt.  Each log is 1 mile.  Yellow: hubby walked alone, purple: I walked with him, green hubby biked alone, orange:  I biked with him.

I can honestly say that on the really steep hills (10% grades) I chose to skip.  I did do a few of them but not all.  The first day of this past week was downhill through a gorgeous canyon, but we had a head wind which made it so very very hard.  After 33 miles and terrible aching legs, I chose to go lay under a tree and wait for my husband to go 10 more miles and bring the car back.  

The bottom of the last column has room for something else.  I happened to have this panel of fabric that looks exactly like the country we were in.  I may add it.  I may also try to find more of it for the back.

I will be adding pieced sashing between the columns with diamonds in it.

Look at these switchbacks.  You can see three levels of road if you look.  There were twice as many more coming off this mountain.  Yes, we rode DOWN it.

This is the infamous Forest Gump Highway.  I rode to here but chose not to go up that long hill.  My husband is in yellow on the bike.  From here it was 7 miles up hill.  There is more up hill than can be seen in the photo.  No thank you.