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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My pattern was featured at Quilt Story!

Ok, so my block wasn't featured, but my pattern was.  Cathy at "A Quilting Chick" made one of my sewing machine blocks and HER BLOCK was featured.  I was pretty tickled about this.  Way cute block, Cathy!  It has been fun to see my pattern floating around the internet on different blogs.  Thanks for the support, Quilter's Garden Groupies!!  Thank you for posting photos of your finished blocks on  your blogs and linking them up with other blogs.

Here is a link to the post at Quilt Story's "Fabric Tuesday" where Cathy's blog was shown.  Check out all of the wonderful projects linked up this morning.  I have also added Cathy's block to this post for all of you to see.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tuesday Archives with Val's Quilting Studio - Grandmother's Flower Garden

Tuesdays are a favorite linky day for me because Valerie at Val's Tuesday Archives  gives me a chance to reflect on past projects and dig them out of the closet.  Today's topic is "Granny Squares" and "Grandmother's Flower Garden".  

I have never made a Granny Square block but I have a good start on two Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts.  Neither one is finished, and they are not on the list to work on in the near future either.

These are my two projects that are way on the back burner.

This one was a round robin where my friends each made me two flowers.  I think it will become a table topper.  Some pieces are just laying on the blue fabric, so if they are spaced funny, that is why.  This quilt is all out of Batiks --I love them!

Please excuse the wrinkles,  I just pulled it out of a box for this post.  This one is my own design; I call it "Grandmother's Overgrown Flower Garden", but I need to remove the border and start over because it is a mess.  I should have hand appliqued it,  but I got in a hurry and made a mess of machine applique.  Some day it will be all finished correctly.  I hope to market this pattern some day, so please do not copy it.  Thank you.

One thing I learned from this project is...
NEVER PUT A PROJECT AWAY THAT NEEDS TO BE PICKED OUT!  It is so hard to get going on it again.  

I am also linking up with:

Design Wall Monday

I completed my 8 Dear Jane blocks for the month - Hooray!  I can really see this project coming together.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Below is a photo of how the whole quilt is looking.

I am also getting close to finishing the next ring around the horse.

I am linking up today with Patchwork Times.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Vibrations and paper piecing...

Today I am linking up at Show off Saturday.

I got four more "Good Vibrations" sewing machine blocks completed.  As a reminder,  swap blocks are due the last day of the month.  You can join late but late comers will have to purchase previous month patterns or come up with their own blocks for the rows they missed.  Those who participate by swapping at least one block a month get the patterns for free. Rules can be found here.

I just love these little sewing machines.  I have made way more than I need for the row quilt, but I plan to make a little wall hanging for a friend, the row quilt, and a sampler.  I will be needing several.

I also got two more Dear Jane blocks paper pieced and have four more scored and ready to sew.

I have also begun the paper piecing on the last round of the circle for the horse quilt.  The sketch that I am trying to achieve is in the picture.  I only have the outer ring with floating black triangles left.

Here is a photo of the center of the horse quilt where this new round will be added.

Not bad for a Friday's work after work.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tuesday Archives - A little late

I was thrilled to see that the Tuesday Archives linky over at Val's Quilting Studio is still open for a few hours.  This week is it about Ghastlies and Ghosts.  I was excited to link up because I made a Halloween quilt for every person in the house a few years ago.

This one is mine.  I added some close ups of a couple of my favorite blocks.

This quilt began as a friend group swap.  I asked everyone to make me a Halloween block of any size and kind.  The blocks that came back to me from that swap were the Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, dracula, "Pumpkin Patch" words, spiders, candy corn, little witch on the top left, trick-or-treaters, and the haunted house.  I loved them but needed more for a good sized quilt, so I joined an on-line Halloween block swap where I received the striped witch legs, two ghost blocks, the bats, and the skeleton.  Those blocks were supposed to finish at 12" square which made quilt assembly easier.  In that swap I made the witches on the brooms with the dangly legs.  It is a Buggy Barn pattern that I just LOVE!  The long and tall witch in the center as well as the cats were partially fused quilt blocks a friend was getting rid of.  I finished and dolled them up a bit.  

The Candy Corn Border is my design.  I used the Super60 30 degree ruler to cut strips that were sewn together.  I think it really adds to the quilt.

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!

I made the Jack-o-Lanterns for my son.  This is also a Buggy Barn Pattern. 

I made several Buggy Barn witches and cats and then put them into two quilts, one for each daughter.  One daughter took her to college to put on her bed next month so I could not get a current photo but here is a blurry one.

I put witches brooms for the border on the last one.

I found an after Halloween sale on all of this Halloween fabric.  I think the sale really is what got me going on all of these quilts in the first place.  This is a panel I bought for the back.

I am linking up with Val's Quilting Studio - Tuesday Archives.  She has two linkies today, one is called "Ghastlies" and the other is "Ghosts".  Below are my ghost blocks that are in the first quilt.  These two blocks were received from quilters in an on-line Halloween block swap.  I was not actually in the swap, but I emailed a few participants and asked if they would make one for me if I made them a Buggy Barn witch in exchange.  I am SO GLAD they accepted.

One more thing...

I am letting blogland know that my Windmill Quilt Pattern is finally finished.  If you are interested, you can find it in my Craftsy shop here or my Etsy shop here.

Thanks you for all your wonderful comments and support regarding this quilt!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Windmill Pattern - More patterns uploaded today!

I finally have the Windmill pattern ready!  Yay!  If you are interested:

Here is the link to this pattern on Craftsy.

Here is the link to this pattern in my Etsy Shop.

 If anyone would prefer to pay with Paypal and have me email you the pattern, please let me know at 

SORRY!  I sold out yesterday, but I have added several more today.  For those of you who tried to purchase it in the last couple of days, please try again.  

I finally have the Windmill pattern ready to sell.  If you are interested, click this link which will take you straight to this pattern in my Etsy Shop.

The above photo is of one made out of different fabrics.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quilter's Garden BOM: October Mystery Revealed

It is time to release the October mystery for the Quilter's Garden.  I am calling it "Rotaries in Bloom".  

A row will look like this if you are making a throw size.  Queen size will have an extra block.

Remember, you must make a sewing machine block to swap in September in order to receive the "Rotaries in Bloom" pattern for October.  Late comers are welcome but will have to purchase past patterns they missed or come up with their own rows.

For those new to the Quilter's Garden, you can read the rules and sign up here.  This is a photo of a September swap block.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

HMQ and more blocks cut out

I am linking up this Monday with Patchwork Times.

I have been filling in the circles on the Windmill Quilt.  I still have a lot of quilting to add, but this much progress is still fulfilling.  It is so much easier to quilt the same quilt pattern twice because the "deciding how to quilt it part" is already done.  I have made a couple of changes to simplify and save time.  I think it will be just as pretty.

 The front looks like this.  It is still covered in basting stitches, so it will look better once it is finished.
I am still making sewing machine blocks for the Quilter's Garden Row quilt BOM swap.  I just finished the hand work on this one this morning.

 I just cut out 4 more sewing machine blocks yesterday as shown below.
 The photo below is a sneak peak of strips cut for the next mystery in the Quilter's Garden ROW swap.  I will be releasing photos within the next couple of days so STAY TUNED!
I also hope to get these paper-pieced projects done within the next couple of days.  Two of them are Dear Jane blocks.  The other is the very outside ring of the circle on the horse quilt.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Deana: sewing machines, quilting, and this year's progress

Today I finally added the embellishments to these four little machines.
It is still not too late to join the Quilter's Garden BOM Swap.  Click the link to read the rules. It is a row quilt and we have over 30 participants.  All you have to do is make one block per month to swap with someone else in the group but you can swap more.  You can make other blocks for yourself that you don't have to swap.  WE are making a row quilt, but some members are just making a Quilter's Garden sampler.  Here is a link to September's instructions with photos of the fabric we are all trying to match.  Email me at to sign up.

Here are some blocks that have been made by group members so far:

I have also started some outline quilting on my last Windmill quilt.
I do have a pattern in the works for the windmill quilt.  Leave a comment or email me if you are interested when it is ready - about another week I'm afraid.

I had a little fun today stacking up and photographing most of the quilts I have quilted this year.  My goal was one per month and I have done it!  Yay!  Three are not in the photograph because they belong to my mother and I don't have them.

I am still progressing on my horse quilt although you can't see it in the photo.  I have been paper piecing the next ring around the outside.
Here are the pieces and fabrics I am currently paper piecing.  They are large pieces which, in opinion, are harder to paper piece than smaller ones.

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 This is a paper piecing linkup.  I designed and paper pieced the design around the horse and the sewing machines which have small amounts of paper piecing on them.