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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deana: final round on the horse completed!

I finally finished the paper piecing for the final round on the horse quilt and put it together!  Now it is time to turn this circle into a rectangle.

I was off sewing with my sisters and mother for a couple of days this week.  My sister, Tracy, completed her "Jessi's Medallion" top.  It is SO GORGEOUS!

You can get the pattern in my Etsy or my Craftsy shops.  At Craftsy you need to purchase it in two parts because the file was too large for one upload.  

I would say it is an intermediate quilter's level.  It is mostly log cabin blocks with some paper piecing.  It looks much harder than it is.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deana: Heirloom quilting and hand quilting go together!

Thanks Esther, at ipatchandquilt, for the invitation to join the fun!  If you haven’t seen Esther’s work, be ready to be amazed!  She is fabulous quilter.
Welcome! If this is your first visit, I hope you explore beyond this post. Visit the special pages section on the right.
1) What am I working on?
- See more at: France, at, for the invitation to join the Around the World Blog Hop.  

    Today is Tuesday Archives with Val over at Val's Quilting Studio.  The topic is heirloom quilts and hand quilting.  I have them both rolled up into one quilt.   

    HEADS UP to some of you may have all ready read tidbits of this post because it is similar to the one I did for the "Around the World Blog Hop".   

    I want to give a brief history about this blog which was established in 2008 in honor of my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandmother Dorinda Moody.  I discovered quilting years before I discovered her, but I gained a deep love and respect for Grandma as I found us to be kindred spirits.  She was an industrious woman who pioneered the West as she settled in Pine Valley, Utah with her family.  She grew her own cotton to make her own batting, hand dyed her fabrics from local plants, and made award winning quilts which nearly every family in her small community possessed.  She also won best of show at the world fair in Chicago on a quilt she designed and made.  

    In her memory, my mother Lyn, her two cousins, Marie and Ann, and myself remade Dorinda's masterpiece quilt at which time we started this blog.   Those quilts are featured in the banner at the top of this blog with the four of us.  Another cousin, Dorine, also remade a different quilt of Dorinda's featured here.  See all the posts about the entire project here.  We all visited Pine Valley together in 2010 to see the little church where she worshiped and served as the Relief Society President for her ward for about 30 years. She was and we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It was an emotional experience for us - see the post here.  Dorinda was also a very small woman, around 5 ft tall, and was able to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.  I too am about 5 ft tall and have her genetic gift of speed.

    Below is a photo of my Dorinda re-make which I started in 2008.  I have a goal to complete the hand quilting this year.  My mother and I chose to hand dye our fabrics in her memory using professional dyes from Dharma.  I did my best to recreate the pattern from photos of her quilt, the original of which I have never seen.  I love the look of scrappy (various) background fabrics.  It gives it an "old" look to me.  The applique' is all done by hand.
     Before quilting...

     Mostly quilted...

    I had to take it off the frames to hand quilt a quilt for a lady and never got back to it.

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    Marie: Finished Month 4 of Jessi's Medallion

    I finally finished Month 4. I am excited to get the next section done and it will finished.   I really love this quilt.   Thanks Deana for the wonderful pattern.   The quilt is too big for my design wall now so I had to take the picture on the grass so it doesn't look as smooth and nice as it does in real life.

     If anyone is interested, the pattern can be found at this Etsy link.

    Monday, October 13, 2014

    Ann: Baby Quilt top completed

    I just have to get busy and quilt and bind this. Baby due in a couple of months, and I plan to have it done and mailed before Thanksgiving. I ought to be able to do that.

    I was going to do the pinwheels in all blue, but found that I had other pastels in my stash and not as much blue as I thought.

    Ann: DOD Mystery October blocks

    Here are the 5 blocks I have made for October. I will keep 1 and trade the rest.

    This is a fun way to make a quilt!

    The centers are washers with a button on top. Those are just sitting on top. Don't want to add them until after quilting. Not so good on needles.

    Friday, October 10, 2014

    Deana: Stash Bee Sign Ups and "Featured" YaY!

    Linking up today at Show Off Saturday!

    I was featured at Link-a-Finish-Friday!  Yippee!  They featured my Windmill Quilt Finish.  I recommend that you go check out the great quilts everyone is working on.  There is a link to the patten on the right side bar.

    I have now received all my sewing machine blocks from the Quilter's Garden swap.  They are so cute together!  I am surprised that the colors go together so well.  Thank you Phyllis, Linda, Cathy, Susan, and Ann!

     Here they are with all of the machines I have made.
    You can get the pattern at Craftsy or Etsy.

    The swap is open to late comers.  We are making "Rotaries in Bloom" this month.  Late comers will have to purchase the sewing machine pattern if they want them in their quilt, but if you sign up with the intent to swap 1 block before the end of October, you will get the rotary flower pattern for free.  All other months are free if you swap at lest one block a month.

    Rules can be found at this link.

    I have added a button to my right sidebar for the Stash Bee.  I am hoping I get in to participate next year.  If you are interested in signing up, click the button or this link.

    Deana: a finish!

    Today I will be working on a family round robin.  It is a big secret so I cannot show you until February (darn it).  I don't know who sent it to me or whose quilt it is.  We are all designing a qulit for each other - we drew names, but we must keep it all secret.  We all started with the same fabric and can add anything to it we want.  We come up with a pattern and cut out 6 kits.  We sew the first kit and then send it off to the next person.  We generally each make a whole row of blocks and assemble them.  The next person makes their row and attaches it to the first, so when we get to the end all the quilts will be completely finished tops.  It is SO MUCH FUN!

    I also REALLY HOPE to get back to work on the buckskin mare TODAY!

    Friday linkups include the following:

    I am excited that I was able to finish quilting Sandra's quilt.  I will be delivering it to her Saturday.

    Thursday, October 9, 2014

    Deana: Machine quilting and sewing on scout patches

    The very best part about yesterday was receiving this wonderful sewing machine in the mail from Cathy!  Thanks Cathy.  The colors are vibrant and the fabrics are beautiful.  The workmanship is superior.  I can tell that love went into this block so I plan to love it right along side my others.


    My progress yesterday was slow.  I need to have this one quilted by Friday nigh,t and I am getting a little too close to the deadline.  I mostly have filler work and borders left.  I did not make this quilt but rather am quilting it for someone.

    Why is it that we love to sew quilts but we don't like mending and such?  Well, last night when I had to change thread color a bazillion times, I remembered why.  I had to sew patches on my husband's scout shirt in preparation for a couple of leadership camps he is headed to.  I also updated my son's Scout shoulder banner.  He has earned his EAGLE SCOUT - yay!  I am getting it ready for his Eagle Court of Honor which is coming up soon.  He is most pleased with his horsemanship merit badge (top left).
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    Monday, October 6, 2014

    Deana: Tuesday Archives HSTs - I was FEATURED!

    "Featured, featured featured" (happy dance and happy song).  I awoke this morning to do my linky parties and found that Val had featured me on her Tuesday Linky even before I had a chance to link up.  Yay!  My post was ready last night so she must have seen it then or early this morning.

    Today Val  has selected quilting sleeves and half square triangles as the theme for her Tuesday Archive Linky.  I wish I had time to put a tutorial together for the way I do my hanging sleeves, but I don't.  I do have a quilt to show with lots of HSTs.  It is called "Star Crazy" by Sue Garman.

    I joined an online quilt group in 2010 to be encouraged by others as we made this quilt.  I named mine "Granny Went Star Crazy".  I used fabrics that reminded me of an old granny style.  Also, I think my grandmother whom I love and who is still alive, might be a little crazy, so the name just worked for me.  I love this quilt but have still not quilted it yet.  It was on the list to complete this year but I decided to start and finish quilts for my girls instead...perhaps next year (sigh).

    Note all of the HSTs in the borders as well as the stars.

    Below is a photo of what the "Star Crazy" quilt is supposed to look like.  I used my stash which did not happen to have white in it at the time.  My sister-in-law, Felicity, made this one.  Isn't it beautiful?  I quilted it for her.

    You can check out the other Star Crazy quilts at this link.  Nedra at the Cactus Needle hosted the group.

    I also have two more "oldies" to show with a gazillion HSTs in them. 

    This one was made from a bag of scraps someone gave me when I first began to piece quilts.  I love it and I love scrappy!

     I won this quilt top at Utah's Annual Meeting years ago.  It is an "orphan quilt" made at "orphan night".  Everyone donates their orphan blocks, they sort them by color, and you gather in small groups to stay up all night and complete a quilt top with the orphans.  You get your name in the drawing for every block you donate.  The funny thing is that I donated all of the hour glass blocks shown in the three rows.  I never expected to get them back from winning the quilt they were made into.

    Linkies today include:

     Sew Cute Tuesday - her theme today is "warm colors".  I think my Star Crazy and orphan quilt both fit the theme.

    Deana: Design Wall Monday

    Design Wall Monday has...

    Two swap blocks added to my sewing machines.  They match so good you can't even tell which ones I made and which ones I didn't.  I am still expecting two more.

    You can purchase the sewing machine pattern in  
    My Etsy shop

    Or My Craftsy shop

    This is the one I received in the mail today from Susan.  I love it!  She used a tag from clothing to put a name on the machine.

    My two completed (finally) Windmill quilts folded and stacked.  One still needs a binding.  It feels like such an accomplishment to have them done and ready for Christmas.

    You can find the  Windmill pattern in
    My Etsy Shop
    Or My Craftsy Shop

    I also got this quilt nearly basted.  It is not mine, but a client's.  I quilted one just like it for my mom.  Her friend liked the quilting and asked me to do it the same way.

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    Saturday, October 4, 2014

    Deana: Setting Oct Goals

    Hello Blogland.  It is a little late, but below is a list of my October goals. 

    My list is larger than normal this month because I plan on slacking next month.  My daughter comes home from Russia in November!  I have not seen her for 18 months and want to spend every minute with her.  She is currently serving a mission there for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I miss her SO MUCH!  Missionaries are not allowed to call home but they can Skype twice a year - Christmas and Mother's Day.  This helps them to stay focused on the work they do.  She did not choose Russia, she was called there.  Missionaries submit their papers to the church offices and they decide, through prayer and fasting, where each missionary needs to serve.  She did not know the Russian language when she left, but she is fluent now.  It is such a great experience!

    I will spend today and tomorrow watching our church's semi-annual conference on the internet.  It is my favorite time of year and so spiritually uplifting.  I invite you to check it out at this link.  It will later be available in many languages.  It will take a week for my daughter and the Russian people to get it in their language.

    1.  Finish quilting and bind the Windmill Quilt.  
    I actually finished the quilting this morning - Yay!  I still need to bind it.  There is a pattern available for this quilt    
    In My Etsy Shop
    Or in my Craftsy Shop


    2.  Complete the entire top of this horse quilt
     This is the direction this horse is headed.  I still need to piece the last ring and then make it rectangular.  You can see partial paper pieced units.  The borders will be hand applique' silhouettes of cowboys and horses.  I have much to do to get this done in time for Christmas.
    3.  Design, make, and pattern the November Quilter's Garden row block.  
    This is the October row we are making.
     FREE PATTERN IF YOU JOIN!  Details here!

    Here is a single October block.  The rotaries in bloom pattern will be available for non participants to purchase at the end of the month.  You get it for free if you join and swap a block. 
     The sewing machine blocks were the September swap.  This pattern can be purchased here, at Etsy.  It includes patterns for three sewing machines.

    You can also get it at Craftsy.

    4.  Baste Jessi's Medallion to prepare it for quilting. The pattern is available  Etsy shop.  There are two parts in the Craftsy shop because the file was too big, so make sure you purchase them both or you will be missing some.  Etsy has the full pattern in one download.

    5. Sew my monthly family round robin.
    We all had to design a quilt for a sister or mom, but we all started with the same fabric (below).  As they pass around each month we do not know whose we are working on - it could even be our own quilt.  I have not received mine yet for this month.

    6. Make a small quilt top for my Priceless Quilter Christmas swap.

    I will be using sewing machine blocks as well as the "mystery" blocks I am designing for November's Quilter's Garden.  A pattern is currently available for the sewing machines at Etsy and Craftsy.  Once the November block is revealed I will release the pattern for this small quilt.  

    7. Baste and quilt this top made by Sandra

    8. 10 Dear Jane blocks

    Yes, I plan to be in the sewing room every second I am home.  My house will be a little ruffled up and my son and husband will wish I would cook; however, there will be a very clean home with nice meals, and special family moments when she gets home. 

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