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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Deana: final blocks made for my Block Lotto Winnings!

I was able to finish up the final four blocks needed for my Block Lotto quilt.  I won it in November and decided to add one more row.

 Now I just need to sew the rows together and get a border on it.

I also picked a border off my barn block.  I am donating it as well as my house block to a quilt that will be auctioned off next month.  I need to bring the house block up to size, but that should be easy.

I also made a block for another Hive in my Stashbee.  I hope Heather likes it.  When the blocks are put together this quilt looks fabulous!

I am Queen Bee for my own hive this month.  I designed this block that I am calling Sweet Cherry Orange.  I fell in love with this color combination after making a block for someone else last year.  It is going to be a happy quilt.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Deana: A few blocks completed today

I was able to make 5 blocks today:  four blocks for my Block Lotto Winnings Quilt and one for Dear Jane.  Look how small Dear Jane is in comparison.

I also made a block for my Stashbee quilt but I cannot show it yet.  I am Queen Bee for February and have to wait until the first to reveal it.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Deana: Bee, Myself, and I

I am excited to join the "Bee, Myself, and I" group over at GrannyMaud'sGirl.  GrannyMaud'sGirl was in my Stashbee Hive last year and I fell in love with her "perfect" work and her blog.  While I chose to stay in the Stashbee, she is choosing to make blocks for herself this year instead so as to get some finishes.  

Here are my goals for the first few months:

  • 3-4 Dear Jane blocks a month.  Here are some I have ready to make this week.

  • Make another row of blocks in my Block Lotto Winnings Quilt.  I have participated many times but this is the first time I won.  Now I have a fun quilt to finish.  I have cut out all the blocks for a new row and begun to sew them together.  (I hope to have this top ready, minus borders, this week.)
 The other blocks cut and ready to sew.

  • Make one more row in my family round robin "Periwinkle" quilt.  I have the pieces all cut and ready to sew up as well.

  • Cut, fuse, and blanket stitch around the horse silhouettes for my Dad's quilt
  • Make enough blocks to add to my Stashbee quilt so that I can get a top done once all the blocks arrive in February.  I have not yet revealed the blocks, but you can see a pile of cut pieces for each of two different blocks  on the far right.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 WIPs/UFOs and goals

Below is a list of quilts I need to finish some day.  I  hope to cross off several this year.  The quilt names will link to pictures.

2016 WIP Goals – This list is tops ready to quilt.
Name of Quilt
Date Started
Date Completed
Jan 2010

Aug 2014

June 2010

Jan 2015
July 2015

Dec 2014

July 2015

2016 WIP Goals – UFOs
Name of Quilt
Date Started
Date Completed
Dec 2015
Quilted Barns
Dad's Horse
Jan 2011

PeriwinkleNov 2015
Dec 2013

May 2010

Sweet Cherry OrangeJan 2016


Around 2002

Around 2002

Around 2005

Around 2002

Around 2002

2016 Goals – NewFO list (ones I plan to start this year)
Name of Quilt
Date Started
Date Completed

Priceless Quilter's Christmas
Family RR 2016
Family Mystery 2016
NY Beauty

Monday, January 18, 2016

Deana: Design Wall Monday

Hello blogland!

I am moving along quite slow this 2016, but moving forward I am.  Today is a holiday and I spent it driving over the mountain for my grandmother's funeral.  She was 98 years old.  I am so lucky to have been loved by her.  She will be missed, but anyone who is 98 years old is ready to move on I'm sure.  I am also sure that there is a great reunion on the other side of the veil where loved ones have greeted her.  When you live to be her age, most of the people you have loved are on the other side anyway.

Well, I have two projects on my design wall.  My Block Lotto winnings are there to remind me to get that quilt put together.  

Dear Jane is also up in hopes of being inspired to finish three blocks a month this year.  That should get all the center blocks completed.

I have also made much progress on Joann's quilt.  I was hopeful I would have it done so I could take it to her at the funeral (we live 3+ hours away).  I didn't make it, but that is ok.

Finally, I want to show the fabric my daughter bought me for Christmas.  I just love it.  On the left side is a background fabric piece I got for half off at a local shop.  I just can never pass off background fabric because you ALWAYS need some.  It will not be in the same quilt with my other new pieces, but I wanted to photograph them together to save time.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Deana: I have been machine quilting

I have made progress on Joann's quilt.  I picked out the center motif and started over because it wasn't in the  center.  I also changed it a bit and like it better.

I am loving the corners so far.  

I will be adding a bunch more quilting so stay tuned.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Deana: Stashbee crashing again!

I am now crashing Hive 3 with this wreath.  It is going to Red Delicious Blogger.  I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Deana: Gatecrashing another Bee Hive

I am in Hive 2 in the Stashbee this year.  I just had to gate crash Hive 1 this month because I fell in love with the pineapple block and had some yellows.  I hope it goes well with Alison's other pineapples.  Gatecrashing a hive means that you make a block for someone who is not in your hive.

I am Queen Bee in February and still don't know what quilt blocks to make.  This one is tempting.

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Ann: Final row

I have completed the final row to the Americana quilt. I did not follow the pattern for it, though. Many years ago I started collecting fabric for an Americana quilt, but never found a pattern that I liked. Dorine and I exchanged some blocks and she shared this flag with me, so here was the perfect spot to put the flag.

The rows are all put together, just waiting for the sides. I am excited to have it almost complete.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Deana: Stashbee January

I just completed my first Stashbee block for 2016.  I hope Karyn likes it.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Deana: Stashbee block started

I have started my first Stashbee block for 2016.  It takes a little time because you piece together several fabrics in the same colors before you start.  It is going to be a star.

The fabric piles by color will be the other points on the star.

I have also been machine quilting for Joann.  Sadly, I did not get the center motif centered properly so I am picking it out and moving it.  Oh well, I also had to order more thread for it, so now I have something to do while it comes.

Here is the back of the quilt.  It shows it better.  Anyway, I have to pick all this out.

Here is the center that I have restarted in the right place this time.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016!

2016 I am ready!  What do I expect from you?  

Well, I expect to become an official empty nester as I send my youngest off somewhere on a church mission for two years.  Yes, it will be hard to let him go.

I expect to spend more time with my loving husband of 25 years, my parents, and my married kids.

I expect to survive my first year as a full-time junior high teacher.  I also hope to survive going back to school at my age.

But most of all, I EXPECT TO FINISH SOME QUILTS!  I have so many tops ready to quilt and a new sit down longarm Juki to do it.  


#1:  Quilt 2 for mom, 1 for Brielle, 1 for Joann, 2 for Becky, and lots for me.  Yes, I need to get busy.  Those quilts are ready and waiting for the needle.

#2:  Newfo's:  What are they?  They are new projects you PLAN to start.  Well, I've got a few:  

  • (1) stashbee 2016
  • (2&3) family round robin - two for 2016 with one of them being a mystery this time.
  • (4) New York Beauty with my dear friend Marie
  • (5) Priceless Quilter's Christmas Swap

#3:  Applique' project for Mom's horse quilt.  We did some  trading and I am due to pay up.

#4:  Finish all the blocks in my Dear Jane Quilt.  I need about 38ish more.  I am not adding the border blocks to this year's goals.  That is only about three blocks a month.

#5:  UFO's - tops only
I am going easy on UFO's this year because I want to get tops quilted instead.  I would like to finish up just a few though:

Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Block Lotto November Winnings

One quilt from my "Very Difficult" list

  • Quilted Barns
  • Sliced Quilt Challenge

Well, that should be more than enough to keep me busy.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Deana's quilty year in review...

Good-bye 2016!

Goodbye to Dearest Grandpa Winkler and loving father-in-law Doug.  Good-bye to Heather Jacobson and her young son Broc.  Yes, they are all on the other side of the veil now and are missed.

Good-bye...not really good-bye... to two wonderful daughters who got married, but hello to two new son-in-laws.  Along with the weddings, good-bye savings (ha ha, it was worth it).

Good-bye to my old Adult Ed job and hello full-time junior high teacher.  Hello math.

Isn't it amazing what changes can take place in a year?

Here is my quilty year in review:

I love keeping track of my progress monthly and annually.  For some reason it keeps me moving forward and getting things done. 

My goal was to finish a top a month and quilt and bind a quilt a month. Here is a look at 2015.

Finishes for me:
1.  Jan "Autumn Flowers"
2.  Feb "Jessi's Medallion"
3.  Mar "Birdhouse Picket Fence"
4.  June "Dana's Hexagon Pleasure"
5.  July "Shimmer Braid"
6.  July "Dorinda"
7.  Oct "Stars and Barns"
8.  Nov "Jolynn's Medallion"
9.  Dec "Deb's 30s Chain"

Quilting for others:
1.  July "Mom's Black N Gold"

UFO Tops done for me:
1.  Jan "Grand Illusion"
2.  Feb "Storm at Sea" family round robin
3.  Feb "Shimmer Braid"
4.  Mar "Quilter's Garden"
5.  Apr "Snowman Embroidery"
6.  July "Flowering Snowball"
7.  Oct "Stars and Barns"
8.  Oct "Brielle's Braid"
9.  Oct "Jolynn's Medallion"

Progress on other projects:

#1.  26 Stashbee Blocks

#2.  11 Block Lotto Blocks - I won 48 blocks in November as shown on my design wall!

#3.  6 Dear Jane Blocks

#4.  Family Round Robin Quilts:  I did 1/6th of the work in each of these quilts.

5.  Table cloths and hay covers for daughter's wedding

Patterns written:

1.  Quilter's Garden
2.  Americana Row Quilt
3.  Spring Row Quilt
4.  Shimmer Braid

Quilts Designed but patterns not written:

1.  Bear in the Woods
2.  Scottish Dancers

I think I am very tired from looking at all that work!

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