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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deana: Val's Tuesday Archives - Mystery Quilts

I have a few things to show today for Val's Tuesday Archives.  Today's archive theme is MYSTERY QUILTS!  Well I've got a few to talk about.

1.  First off is an oldie that I call my minis wall quilt.  I designed this mystery many years ago and my sister, sisters-in-law, Mom, and Mom's cousin all participated.  I gave them cutting instructions that all came from fat quarters.  I had them cut tiny little pieces and bag them with labels that made it hard to tell what blocks they would be making.  I think they thought I was CRAZY or they were for bagging up all those tiny little pieces.

Here is my finished quilt.  Those blocks are only about 10" square.  Check out that c r a z y double wedding ring.  That flying geese border took me FOREVER and held up this finish for many years.  I made them way too small.  I think they would have looked better larger and taken much less time.

2.  My second mystery to post about today is the famous Grand Illusion created by Bonnie Hunter.  I have my top done and ready to quilt.  I made some changes to the sashing to accommodate my fabric choices and I love how it turned out.

3.  I also created the Quilter's Garden Mystery that is very nearing completion.  I told the members the theme and that it would be a row quilt.  Other than that, they don't know what will become of the quilt until each month when a new row pattern is released.  We also swap a block each month.  There are about 30 wonderful ladies who are making it.  Check out their blocks at this link.

4. Next up is the 2011 DOD Mystery.  I hosted this mystery as well.  Each participant came up with their own theme for their quilt and submitted a "rule".  Each month I would draw a "rule" from the list and suggest a new technique to try such as hand applique', thread painting, paper piecing, etc...  I also gave each person a finished size for their piece.  

The quilt below is what I ended up with.  You can see some of the other quilts at this link:  2011 DOD Mystery

5. My wonderful sisters, sisters-in-law, and mother do a mystery quilt about twice a year.  We draw names and come up with a quilt for the person whose name we drew.  We pass the quilts around each month and add another row.  The mystery is "Whose quilt am I working on?" and "Which one is mine".  We sew the top together as we go so it is nearly finished when received.  Here are some quilts finished in July.  Mine is quilted now.

6. Finally is a mystery I began at Utah's Annual Quilt Meeting several years ago.  I plan to finish it this year and still don't know what I am making.  It must be pretty small though because there is not much fabric here.  Yeah, it is on my list of things to finish for 2015.

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Deana: Another goal crossed off my list

I got Jessi's Medallion basted.  I hope to get it quilted in February.  Wish me Luck.



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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Deana: First finish of 2015

Yay!  I have my first finish for 2015 and hope it will be followed by many more.  

 I put the last binding stitches in it just last night.

I have always referred to this quilt as my "Autumn Flowers" because of the autumn colored flowers.  Below is a close up photo of the block with the names of friends and family who made each block and when they made it.  Yes, the first block was made in February 2004 and the last one in March 2005.  Each person was asked to make a flower block, any size and any pattern, out of the color scheme.

In August 2011 I came across Sophie's Block Lotto blog where I got the flower pattern I used for the border.  I think it was perfect for it.  I made it from scraps of fabrics I had in the autumn colors.

I did not get very fancy on the quilting and each block is quilted differently.  I just wanted it done quickly.  This quilt will just be something to cuddle up with as it is just a throw size.

Each block has the maker's name penned on it.  It was hard to write on the quilt, but all these years later I love that I have a record of each block.  I wish that I had done more quilt labels through the years.  Shame on me.

Over the weekend I also got tutorial #2 ready to post for the
 FREE Shimmer Braid QAL.  
It will release on February 10th.  The first tutorial is available at this link at Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  A PDF version is available at the bottom of the post.  Come join the fun!

We even have a blog where we will share our progress on this QAL.  Leave a comment if you wish to join.  You can find it here:

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ALYOF  2015 finishing party

I am also making a post to the Block Lotto about this finish.

This is my first finish this quarter for the 2015 Finish-Along.  I will be linking up with the finishing party there at the end of the quarter.  Here is the link to my original goal setting post.

I am also participating in Kris and Peg's OPAM 2015 challenge to get things finished.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Deana: Friday Night Sew In report

Hello Blogland!  This is my Friday Night Sew in  report!  I am so excited to have a Friday night at home to sew.  We have a break in wrestling for two weekends in a row so that helps me to get so much more done.  I do take hand work with me to wrestling though.

I got some work done on this project - only two blocks

 I also got all of the outline quilting done on my flower quilt as well as some filler quilting.  I hope to finish it today.  This was a round robin several years ago.  I asked the group simply to make me a flower block any size.  The border is a Block Lotto pattern.  I will post this to the Lotto when it is done.  The flowers have many memories from many people I love and the border just finishes it off nicely.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Deana: Quilter's Garden February revealed

The February mystery block for the Quilter's Garden will be pincushions.  You can see them under the Rotaries in Bloom row.

The pins are machine stitched or hand embroidered with beads on the ends.  They look very real.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ann: Quilt Shop Lane Blocks done

With the holiday making a long weekend, I was able to finish my next set of blocks for the Quilters Garden. They were fun to make, but another challenge. I definitely used my seam ripper alot.

I will be swapping the first two blocks and keeping the other three.

I also got my Seam That Seam and Pinwheel Flowers sewn together. I find the different sizes of blocks tweaking my OCD, but am excited to find fabric for the sashing and edges, to really see what it is going to look like. I am jealous of Deana's design wall, as I want to see how they will come together.

Deana: Grand Illusion top is DONE! Shimmer Braid Begins!

I worked hard all day - a day off for the holiday - and got it done!  I am pleased with it.  I have no idea when it will make it to the "quilting" list but at least the top and backing are ready.

I prefer rectangular quilts to square ones and thought I would end up having to make another row of blocks.  Since I was behind and didn't get all of the "parts" made, I decided to use the sashing parts that I had already pieced.  I did not care for them as sashing anyway, but they made a pretty nice border.  The quilt was plenty wide for me so I just added the pieced border parts (2 together actually) to the top and the bottom of the quilt.  After that I did a final round of the batik I had used in the blocks where the "yellow" fabric was intended to go.  I am pleased.  It looks SO MUCH BETTER in real life.

Thank you Bonnie Hunter for the pattern and than you Quilting Chick Cathy for getting me into this (ha ha).  Bonnie's quilt does look like an illusion but mine looks more like flowers.  I think I'll keep the name anyway because it is just stuck with the quilt.  My Grandchildren someday will certainly not get it.

FREE Shimmer Braid QAL begins today!  Go on over to Fort Worth Fabric Studio to get the yardage, specifics, and tutorial.  It's going to be FUN!

Have you heard of  Terri Swallow has created a wonderful site where you can find a variety of quiltalongs.  Here is the information she posted about Shimmer Braid.  You should go check out her site.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Deana: Design Wall Monday

Yes, it is design wall Monday and I am pleased to post my first picture with my new design wall up and ready.  I had my husband staple it to the wall just Saturday night.  We did two walls, actually, because a quilter can stick quilt blocks any where there is space in the sewing room.

My wall is  sporting my Quilter's Garden mystery row quilt.  I LOVE how it has turned out and I especially love the variety it has due to the beautiful swap blocks I have received.  I have liked that the group can swap just one or several blocks according to their preference and time limits.  

I need to finish up some hand work on my "Rotaries in Bloom" and make two sewing machine blocks.  Other than that, I am all caught up.  I just finished the design for the February row and will hopefully (fingers crossed) get it sewn up and ready for release by the end of the week.  I am also expecting two more blocks to arrive in the mail any day - one from Texas and the other from Australia.

This project has challenged my design creativity and introduced me to many new quilting friends. The group is amazing and talented, honest, and genuine.  You're the best! I just LOVE QUILTERS! 

The bottom of my design wall has just enough room for a couple rows of my Grand Illusion that I hope to have finished a a top today.  I am VERY PLEASED with how it is turning out! 

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Deana: Friday Night Sew In

It is a little early in the week for me to know for certain, but come Friday I will either be:

machine quilting this autumn colored flower quilt,


finishing up the February Row in the Quilter's Garden Mystery preparing it to be released,


basting Jessi's Medallion to get it ready to quilt in February.

Come and join us.  Just sign up this week at this link, say what you plan to do, sew with us on Friday night, and then show your progress this weekend.