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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Deana: Last post for a few days...

I apologize up front for the poor quality of the photos tonight.  My sewing room is not well lit for pictures in the evening.

I have done a ton of sewing but most of it I can't show yet because it is work on a secret round robin.  I have completely kitted the whole quilt and sewn the first row in my family round robin.  I have to send it off by July first to the next person.  Five months from now we will have the reveal and find out which quilt is our own to keep.  It is so darn much fun and very bonding.  My sisters and two sister-in-laws and mother all participate.  It makes for great family bonding and memories.

An inspirational fabric was selected and we all have to use this fabric somewhere in the quilt.  You can see it on the box all prepared to send off.

Here is a sneak peak at the back of the quilt I just received for the family round robin.  Sorry, but I can't show you more until the grand reveal.  I will tell you that this one is going to be so gorgeous and I hope it is mine.  You can see the other kits all prepared in baggies inside the box.

I did a little more quilting...

and received another wonderful flowering snowball block in the mail (yesterday) from Diana.  Thanks so much, Diana.  It is made beautifully and the fabric choices are perfect!  I love it when I get blocks with orange in them because it really brightens the quilt.

My quilt is really growing and there are still more for me to make and more to receive by mail.

For now I say goodbye as I leave with my husband and some other couples on a four day horse packing trip.  We pack everything on the horses and go into the mountains where no vehicles are allowed.  It will be so peaceful!

One lonely little crazy tree block.  This was just a sample I worked up for a different project, hence, the wild color frog fabric.  I didn't want to use my nice stuff.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Deana: Machine quilting, binding, and flowering snowball

I have been busy today.  First off, I have completed almost all of the "in the ditch" quilting on this quilt.  I  am now learning how to use ruler work with my new Juki.  It is slow going because I am learning but I think I am going to really like it.

I also made more flowering snowball blocks and have a couple more pinned and ready to sew.

I attached the binding to my Hexagon Pleasure Quilt.  It is awaiting hand work to finish it off.

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Ann: Quilters Garden Top Complete

It seems like a long time since I have posted. I have completed my Quilters Garden top, minus the mini quilts and other embellishments that can't be added until the top is quilted. 

 This is close-up detail of my last row, Quilts on the Line
There are birds flying above the clothesline, as well as flowers at the base of the clothesline poles. I keep thinking the birds are stray pieces of thread.
The birdhouse and bird on the fence were really fun to make, as well as the flowers under the fence.
I had a hard time getting a good picture of the rows
so I broke it down into sections.
I wondered how I would like the different sizes of blocks when I put it together, but I love it.
And the complete top with the borders added. 
This has been such a fun project. Thank you Deana.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Deana: Quilting FINISHED and another block received by mail!

Yes, yes, yes, I have another top quilted!  I am preparing the binding now and hope to have the hand work done on it by the end of the weekend!  Oh does it feel GOOD!  

So, I went back and did a little history and discovered that I designed and made this quilt 15 years ago. YIKES!  It is ABOUT TIME!

What did I learn from this project?  NEVER EVER stipple and certainly NOT THAT MUCH!  This quilt took an entire cone of thread just for the top.  It was not worth it.

I also received this WONDERFUL block in the mail today from Shari.  Thank you Stashbee and thank you to all the wonderful ladies who are helping me to create  this beautiful snowball quilt.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Deana: Been quilting on my new Juki & blocks arrive from Australia

Thanks to my new Juki, I finally got the initiative to work on a ten year old project.  This quilt has honestly been basted and partially quilted for that many years - yikes!  I basted it in red crochet cotton - SCARY!  It could have bled onto my quilt but it didn't.  

The reason this quilt sat so long is because it was my very first attempt at a large quilt using my Bernina for quilting.  I stippled - YUCK!  I don't like the way it looks and I don't like doing it either.  I quilted it so tight that I knew it would take days to finish.  

Well, now I only have the two outside borders left and I can cross another project off my list.  I hope to post it finished this week.

This long forgotten quilt is my pattern that I call "Hexagon Pleasure".  It is fun and simple to make (even though it may not look like it).  I even had a 14 year old girl make it without a hitch.  If you are interested you can get 

the pattern in my Craftsy shop.

I also received my beautiful blocks from Carla.  Thanks so much for being a part of the Stashbee even though you live half way around the world!

I just love watching this quilt grow!

Come and join me with FNSI.  Sign ups are at this link.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Deana: New Toy and blocks in the mail...

I received these two wonderful blocks in the mail from Heather.

Don't they look wonderful with the quilt?  I am loving this project every step of the way, so much in fact,that I am having a hard time working on anything else.

ALSO, I got my new sit down long arm Juki set up today.  I am still waiting for two extension leaves that are on back order, but I plan to learn how to use the machine in just a few minutes without them.  I just can't wait!

I hope to have some machine quilting to show you soon.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Deana: looks like yesterday

So, today's post looks like yesterday.  

I gate crashed Red Delicious of Hive 4.  This block was easy and fun.

I made another block for Jackie in Hive 1 of the stashbee.

I also made two more flowering snowball blocks.

Look at the whimsical bird in the corner.  I think it is cute.

And here are all the blocks together.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Deana: Stashbee projects

I have been playing with the Stashbee today.  

I gate crashed Hive 4 and made a May block for Jacki.  It was so fun.

I received three wonderful blocks in the mail.  Two from Lori and one from Cyndi.  I love them and they go beautifully with my quilt!

I also made two blocks myself and you can see what it looks like with three rows done.

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The wedding...

I wanted to show just a few wedding photos because some have inquired about them.

My daughter and her husband were married in the beautiful Manti Temple.  We believe that marriage is for eternity if the couple is sealed in the temple of the Lord.  Their future children will also be sealed to them forever.

It has rained for a month and by some miracle it did not rain a single drop on their wedding day.

The wedding (we call it a sealing) was followed by a wonderful luncheon at a dance hall and then a reception in the evening held in the groom's parents' yard.  

Here is a photo of my family:  my son, daughter #1, new son, daughter #2, me, and my husband.

Her quilts were displayed at the reception:

There was line dancing, western swing dancing, and slow dancing...

a live bluegrass band...

and homemade root beer; we don't drink alcohol.

and dutch oven cobbler in a variety of flavors.

My good looking husband of 24 years and our daughters...

Newlyweds swinging...