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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stashbee blocks completed!

I got them done!  It is a miracle!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Deana: Barns and stars

I had a minute to sew this week and got my daughter's quilt into two halves.  It just needs a border now.

I made this just in time because she got engaged Saturday night at a rodeo.  Busy and happy times coming soon.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Betsy Ross Row complete

I finished the next row for the Americana QAL. This was a fun row to do. My flags don't have the 13 stars circle, as the flags were part of my Americana stash and nothing else has the circle pattern. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Back in the sewing room.

I finally found some breathing room to get into the sewing room.  Carla's blocks are done at last!  I appreciate Carla for being so sweet about my tardiness.  I had three difficult funerals in August and just found out about a 4th death today: first my Grandpa, then a tragic accident that took a young mother and her son, and now a suicide.  Some people around me are really going through some trials, and all I can do is mourn with them.

I also have fabric pulled for the Jane's September Quilt.  I love the stashbee!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ann: Americana Row 3

My row 3, Tweet Tweet Tweet for my Americana quilt is mostly complete. The colors aren't showing up well and it is a bit blurred. My camera on my phone was updated and I can't figure out why the pictures are not so clear as they were before. Gotta play with it.
Since the quilt will be a throw size, I am not sure how long this part of the row will need to be, so I am leaving the sides blank until I know the length, then I will add some more stars and notes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Deana: Ready for borders

I have a few columns that need joined but other than that it's ready for borders.

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Deana: August Goal Setting Time!

So, it's goal setting time again.  Please bear with my boring goal posts, but I like to keep a record on my blog.  It pushes me onward toward FINISHES!

1.  Finish piecing and baste Brielle's Braid.

2.  Baste and quilt "Granny Went Star Crazy".  Here is my top that has been done for years.

I quilted my sister's for her several years back and this is what hers looks like.

3.  Baste and quilt Mom's round robin quilt.

4.  Finish the top for Jo's Stars.

5.  Cut out and applique' the silhouettes for Mom's horse quilt.

6.  Participate in the Stashbee.  Carla is Queen Bee this month and here is her block.  Carla is always so good to make blocks for others who are not even in her hive.  If anyone would like to make her a block and you are willing to mail to Australia, here is the link.  You won't get anything in return except for the joy of knowing you made a block for someone who always makes blocks for others.

7.  Participate in the Block Lotto.  Here is a link to the post of you want to participate.

8.  Write patterns for my Americana Quilt:  Big Star, Freedom Lane, & the Star Row.

9.  Write patterns for my Spring Quilt:  Picket Fence, watering cans, umbrellas.
10.  Do a row in my family round robin when it arrives this month.

SHH!  SECRET BUSINESS that I cannot show you.  Sorry.

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Deana: July Goal Recap

July goal assessment...

1.  Piece my new QAL.  


2.  Quilt Mom's Gold and Yellow Medallion.  The outline quilting is done so now it is time for all the fun filler stuff.


3.  Make a Stashbee block.
I made three birds.  We were asked to name them.
Spooky Louie Chickadee

Yellow Bellied Toad Swallow

Black Bottom Fluff Jay

4.  Participate in the Block Lotto.  This month it is 9" blocks of house pets.  I have some fun dog patterns that I want to make up.


5.  Get the outline quilting done on my Shimmer Braid Quilt.


I got much more than the outline stitching done.  The top is completely quilted and ready for the binding!  Yay!

 and bound

6.  Sew up a sample for my family round robin.  I can't show it to you, but I will say that it is a little like a New York Beauty.

7.  Blanket Stitch around Mom's horse and do all the silhouettes.Mom does not like to do machine blanket stitch.  She also does not like unfinished projects.  My Dorinda Quilt is not quite hand quilted.  She is finishing up the hand quilting for me while I do the blanket stitch on the horse quilt for her.

No silhouettes ready yet.

8.  Plan, purchase fabric for, and cut out Brielle's Braid.

FINISHED July 24th - got a ton of sewing done on it too!

9.  Do a row in my July family round robin. This one is also a secret.

10.  Create the next Americana row pattern for August.


11.  Create the next Spring row pattern for August.


12.  Finish my Flowering Snowball Quilt top complete with borders.  


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My Aunt ViKi, Grandpa, and me - taken April 2014.

I lost my grandpa last night.  He has been here for 91 years.  It is amazing to me that there has been so much variety of experiences in his lifetime.  His life began as a child with horse and buggy and the  old Model T Ford just coming out.  He worked in the coal mines, as a shoe/boot repairman, other things, and later for Thiokol which was a government company that helped build the space shuttle.  Horse and buggy to space to modern technology is quite a lifetime of change.  He quit school at age 17 and lied about his age  so he could join the Navy.  His ship, the U.S.S. Enterprise, was in the Pacific during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but was not in the harbor. Because he was so young when he joined, he is one, if not the very last, of his crewman to leave this earth.  At age 91 he was still pretty spry.  He walked into the temple on his own this past May to attend my daughter's wedding.

I am proud to share his blood in my veins and some of his characteristics and many wonderful memories.   I know, without a doubt, that he has loved ones on the other side welcoming him with open arms.  They are likely having a grand reunion.  While I am not ready to leave this earth,  he and my other grandpa as well as my Great Grandmother will be among the first that I will be anxious to see once I do leave.  I am lucky to still have both of my grandmothers here.

Life is good and I am doing well.  It was important for me to share some of my beliefs regarding death and a life beyond it with a loving God whom I refer to as my Father in Heaven.  I also know that our brother, Jesus Christ, is there too with outstretched arms of love.  Families mean everything to me and they can be together forever.   This I know and desire to share.

FYI, this Grandpa comes through the same line as Dorinda of whom this blog is named after.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Deana: Brielle's Braid

I have all the columns made for Brielle's Braid Quilt minus one sashing strip.  I am loving it!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Deana: 2 braids done

I was able to get two braided columns done today.  I think this quilt is so beautiful that it drives me to continue.  I have three more columns to make.

Deana: A little bit of work done...

I was able to get a little sewing done on Brielle's Braid.  I need to make one more column of these and then I will begin on the braids.
I am out of town without my design wall so this is the best I could do.

I made one column with half square triangles for the white and then switched to quarter square triangles to keep the bias on the inside rather than the outside.  I think it will lay much better that way.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Deana: Shimmer Braid binding is complete!

It really is done!  What can I say but "Oh Buddy Yeah!"

I am not home so not photographing in the usual places AND I have to use my phone as a camera.  Sorry about the quality.

Photo below is before the binding was attached.

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