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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

PHD, 15 Min, and Journey to Arizona

Reminder:  It's Cool to be Square Blog Hop hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt started this week!  I hosted yesterday - yay, so please check out my previous post!  

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I did sew every day this past week except for Sunday.  Arizona is finally coming along.  It is pieced, sashing cut, and ready to sew together.

This quilt does have a fun story.  My husband had a desire to walk/bike/hike from our home to the Arizona border (257 miles).  This quilt tells our story. This link will take you to photos and stories of our journey.

  • Each log in the braid represents 1 mile.  
  • White sections are one day and black sections are another day.
  • I stitched the dates into the beginning log of each day section.
  • Yellow squares:  Hubby walked alone
  • Purple squares:  We walked together
  • Orange squares:  We biked together
  • Green squares:  He biked alone
  • The panel at the bottom is a filler piece, but it is a print that looks just like the beautiful country we journeyed in.
I have to say that we walked/biked through the prettiest country in our beautiful state!

Here is my PHD progress:

I did start my first quilt for 2020 but only because I am a designer for the Row-along.

Here is my 15 Min Report:

I got to see my daughter Sunday night.  They let her come outside the hospital to hug me and her kids.  It was such a happy happy evening!  The kids were so excited to see both of their parents.  We spent time in the parking terrace where the littles loved hearing their voices echo.  They ran and ran with delight enjoying all the space to run around in after a long car ride.  I am so anxious for Thursday when babies will be here but sad I won't be able to meet them in person.

It was also so so so nice to see a near empty, nonbusy, Covid19 hospital parking lot.

I am linking up today with:

It's cool to be square blog hop

This week is the "It's Cool to be Square Blog Hop" hosted by 
the delightful Carol of Just Let Me

Today is MY DAY!  Hooray!  I am excited to share with you some of my SQUARE projects!  My interpretation of the theme mostly features square shaped medallion quilts, but I do have a few things made from squares at the end of the post.

Generally I make rectangular quilts, but some just need to be square particularly if they are a medallion type of design.

Several years back I made a couple of unique log cabin medallion quilts which turned out so so fun!

The first was made for my daughter's wedding and the second I kept for myself.  They are the very same pattern.  I love to see a pattern made in different color schemes.  Hopefully you do too because this post will feature several same design quilts.

I did not put borders on my daughter's quilt. Here it is before quilting.  It is a king size.

Here it is completely finished and displayed at her wedding.

My Christmas one was made with smaller logs, but it is the same pattern and queen sized.

For the same daughter's wedding, she helped me design a quilt that we named "Jessi's Medallion".  This is what we came up with, and of course, it is square as well.

My son loved it so much that he wanted one in the exact same colors, although, the fabrics were not the same.  His is not quilted yet.

Mom's was the most unique with a flip of lights and darks.  She purchased her fabrics in Hawaii without knowing what she would make of them.  We helped her figure out how to do this quilt out of them with the yardages she had.

 My other daughter wanted the same pattern for her wedding as well only in brown.

Marie chose purple, orange, and blue...

Phyllis made hers in brown as well.

Tracy's was so elegant!

My family enjoys sewing together, and we decided on a mystery quilt one year.  I designed something where each person could create their own 10" or 12" block.  I told them to make five of those blocks, and they had no idea what the entire quilt would look like.  It was super fun to see how they all turned out different, so let me present a few more square shaped quilts.

One of mine...I made two...

Marie's - love those stars...

Mine and Marie's side by side on a bed.  Still loving those stars she chose for her blocks.

My daughter made adorable owls ...

Felicity did a woodsy theme.  Once I saw her theme, I altered a couple of pieces and turned the next border into trees for her.  This quilt just needed trees.

I quilted some fun woodsy motifs in the border for her.

My bright one is photographed on an angle...

Below is the full photo before quilting.

Here is another square shaped medallion quilt with log cabin blocks in it as well.  We made this one for my sister in a family round robin.

A couple of years later I made one for my son and another for Mom.  They were identical and made completely from my stash.

Here is the real deal when it comes to squares in a quilt.  My aunt Joann pieced these 1 1/2" squares together into this beauty and asked me to quilt it.  She pieces to PERFECTION, so I wanted to really do this quilt justice.  It turned out to be my very favorite machine quilting EVER!

By the way, this is QUEEN SIZED, so please attempt to imagine just how small those squares are.

The back makes it almost a two sided quilt.

My final "square" addition to this post are the bags I have made from 2 1/2" squares.  They are so used and loved!

Mother's Day bags...

Retreat where we all sewed a few bags...

Bags for baby...

So, now it is time to check out all of the other "square" blog hoppers! 


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