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Monday, January 20, 2020

1st Q 2020 FAL List, PHD, 15 min, and To Do Tuesday!

Below is my progress report on a few online groups I participate in.

Yellow corners on a few of my Feathered Goose blocks- Done!  I made three.  This is not the final layout.  

 Finish Black RR blanket stitch applique' - not touched which is sad because this is my One Monthly Goal and my NDC #10.  I will get there.  I just need to get my Bernina out and set my Juki aside.

Cut Alaska - Done!  The deer block is ready to sew.

Finish Buggy Barn Stars - Done!

Clean and organize new quilt cabinet - Done!

Label pantry and sewing room - Done!  My kids gave me organizing bins for my pantry for Christmas.  

I put cute chalkboard labels on my sewing bins.

Bind one side of Periwinkle - Done!

Begin quilting baby grand's truck quilt - Done!  You can see it on top of my newly labeled drawers.

I have a few things I hope to work on this week for To Do Tuesday:

  • Blanket Stitch black blocks
  • Piece Deer Block - Alaska
  • Piece Buggy Barn Cat blocks
  • Bind a little on Periwinkle
  • Make some Feathered Goose sections

I have been working a little on a variety of UFOs this past month.  As I look over my list, I have worked on half of my UFOs in January.  I am pleased with that.  Periwinkle will be finished this month for sure.  Here is my report:

1st Quarter 2020 FAL List

So, I guess this group has moved to Instagram.  I am disappointed at that.  Although I do a little bit of instagram, I do not like picture collages.  I like to see pictures large for my older eyes.  I know you can add multiple photos, but I like to add descriptions right with each photo.  I guess I will adapt.  I may have missed the date because today is January 19th, and I was unclear as to whether it was the last day or the 18th was the last day.  Either way, I still want to post and report on my blog as well.  For me, it is not about the prizes.  It is about finishes.

This group requires complete finishes.  First Quarter 2020 I hope to finish at least three of the following:

Periwinkle - 3 sides left to bind

School Kid Barns - needs quilted and bound

Memory Round Robin - needs quilted and bound

Block Lotto Win - needs quilted and bound

Nash's Trucks

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Barnyard is taking shape!

I am beginning to corral the animals in my barn yard!  I know it looks rough, but this is the layout I am headed for.  I still need to make the cats to fill in a couple of holes. 

As you can see, I am sizing the blocks.  Some need pieces added to them to enlarge them to fit.  It is tricky because I have to decide on  a visually appealing placement while at the same time be acutely aware of the pieces of fabric I have left to enlarge blocks.  I also have to set aside fabric for borders, a little sashing, and binding.  It is fun, but it is not fast.

I can see that my pigs and tall birds still need eyes.

I love the little groups of stacked animals!

I decided to put one dog in his doghouse with a chicken on the roof. I layed out pieces of leftover fabric to determine the colors I want. 

It is a bit of a puzzle of which I spent hours last night rearranging and calculating.  These patterns came from five different Buggy Barn books.  I just chose animal patterns I liked, resized a couple of them, removed wings from the pig, and ended up with this!  I actually enjoy this process.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Stars done!

Buggy Barn stars are complete for my Barnyard quilts.  I only have cats left.  I am anxious to begin assembling these two quilts.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


I just wanted to post some photos of my progress.  I finished quilting two quilts last year that I failed to post on the blog.

This quilt is Deana's pattern called Shimmer Braid. I finished the top a long time ago, but just recently finished quilting it. I quilted this on my home machine and I did a lot of quilting on it--probably too much, but I am happy with the way it turned out.

The next quilt is my Optical Illusion Mystery Quilt. It has been pieced and waiting to be quilted even longer than the Shimmer Braid. It's a very different quilt, and I really struggled quilting it, but I learned a lot about machine quilting on a domestic machine on this quilt.

 My goal for last year was to get caught up on my quilting so that I could always just have one quilt on the frames being basted, one quilt being quilted and one quilt  being pieced, and no other unfinished quilts.  I like to have more than one quilt to work on so that I don't get too bored. When I finished quilting the Shimmer Braid I reached that goal.

I finished piecing my New York Beauty before the end of the year, but for some reason I failed to take a photo of the finished quilt top, so I just took a photo of it on the quilt frames being basted. Here are the three quilts I'm currently working on.

This top has been waiting for a long, long time to be quilted.

I decided it was time to something a little more simple this time and I am enjoying putting together a quilt that goes together quickly.

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15 Minutes to Stitch and To Do Tuesday

Below is my progress report for To Do Tuesday:
  • Make a few Feathered Goose Blocks - Does making 1/3 of two blocks count?  This project will be so pretty, but I have not enjoyed this super large paper piecing.  There is too much to hang onto.  I will keep plugging away at it anyway.  

  • Finish machine applique' on my black Round Robin - Nope       I need to get out my Bernina to do the blanket stitch.  My Juki does only a straight stitch.  I did finish the last pieced block though.

  • Quilt my pink & green bag.  Yes!  I went above and beyond on this goal.  It is quilted and even cut out!

  • Cut out my next Alaska block - Nope.  I cannot find the pattern, but I did do a fabric pull.

It will be a deer that goes with these blocks.

  • Piece a little bit of Rapunzel - Yes!  She is completely pieced.  There will be some embroidery later though!

  • Bind Periwinkle - Nope.  I didn't go to my daughters as planned, so I think I'll save this for when I do.  It is a nice sewing project where you don't have to haul your machine.
  • Plan my Christmas Tree row for my Christmas quilt - Nope.  I decided to plan a few princess blocks instead.  These are my fabric pulls for some of them.

These are the things I have already worked on in January to help earn my PHD.  I have not started any new projects.

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To Do Tuesday

I have a few things I hope to work on this week for To Do Tuesday:

  1. Yellow corners on a few of my Feathered Goose blocks
  2. Finish Black RR blanket stitch applique'
  3. Cut Alaska
  4. Finish Buggy Barn Stars
  5. Clean and organize new quilt cabinet
  6. Label pantry and sewing room
  7. Bind one side of Periwinkle
  8. Begin quilting baby grand's truck quilt