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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Family Round Robin and a second quilt quilted this month!

I have some family round robin blocks to show you.  This quilt is so darn cute.  I want to see how it all comes together and make myself one next year.  

The sheep are wrapped up in Press N Seal to keep the pieces together for the next person in the group.  They have not yet been sewn, but I wanted to show that the top sheep goes on top of the cow/goat stack.

 I am on my way toward some real finishes this month!  Last week I quilted a country quilt and this week I finished "Winged Things".  I've got another one basted and ready to go after it with the needle.  Being off school for the summer makes all the difference.

Winged Things was a state round robin that was passed around for two years in a row.  I chose to do very simple quilting.  I figure I can always go back and add more.

The binding is machine attached and waiting for the hand work.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

My son's quilt is quilted!

I just finished putting the binding on by machine.  It is all quilted and ready for me to do the hand binding part.  

This quilt was a mystery we did as a family a couple of years ago.  It will go to my son when he gets married some day.  It doesn't really have a name.  I just call it the mystery.  It is queen sized, and while it is far from perfect, I am really happy with how it turned out.  My neck and shoulders can really feel how hard I have been working on it.  I think I'll go soak.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WOW Wednesday!

I am so pleased to say that I finished one more house.  I only have one left.  I thought I would NEVER get here.  It has been a slow process on a quilt that I thought was done in February.

I left out a window in the middle and a tree.  I am taking short cuts to save time.  It looks ok, but on the last house I won't do that.  

The roofs are white to depict a snowy winter village.

I also did outline quilting yesterday and will hopefully have quilting photos to show soon.  The quilt has a dark brown back and a lot of cream in the front.  I always match the thread with the bobbin, so it is really showing on the back - every single stitch.  I have to take my time and try to have clean lines because it really shows.

Here is a glimpse of the back and the front so far.  I used ruler work in the border, but free handed the other following the lines in the piecing.  I will do a lot of filling in with patterns once I get it all outlined.

This is the third quilt I have quilted with this same pattern since January.  I can't quilt them the same because one had a woodsy theme, one was a happy bright flower theme, and this one is more subdued and country.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

PHD update, To Do Tuesday, and 15 min to stitch

Hello goal setters and achievers in blog land!  Thanks for keeping me moving along.

PHD report update:

15 Min to Stitch update:

15 minute stitching days/week  = 6/7 days
15 minute stitching days/May = 27/31 days
15 minute stitching days/June = 2/3 days
15 minutes stitching days/year = 126/151 days
Success rate = 83.44%

To Do Tuesday Plan of attack for the coming week:

Kit the Strip Burst Quilt
Sew my portion of Strip Burst
1 house block 
Baste Winged Things
Quilt Justin's Mystery
May's Pieceful Country

Monday's Accomplishments:

Pieceful Country is caught up through May.  Here is the May section.  This section is very different from the other group members.  I was lazy and made a house from a pattern I designed awhile ago.  I also made a couple more Sunbonnet Sue blocks so the other wouldn't be alone.  I just didn't care for the other "lady" blocks in the pattern.  Also, I have decided to do flying geese all the way around the quilt instead of just down one side.  I am using the square in a square blocks that were previously made for spacing in the quilt.

Here are all of the blocks thus far.  I plan to create some negative space for visual appeal on the second row, but I am waiting until the end to see the best placement for the blocks.  The original quilt is too busy for my taste, so I will likely make this quilt a little bigger by adding negative space for the eyes to rest.

I prepped a dog for applique' as well as part of a vine for my Diamond Hill quilt.

I sewed strips together ready for sub cutting on my family round robin project called Strip Burst.

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

One Monthly Goal and others

My One Monthly Goal for June is to quilt and bind my Winged Things quilt. This was a state round robin clear back in 2003. Members of the state guild can sign up for a round robin group.  I signed up for a hand applique group. I didn't get enough blocks for a quilt so I had to add many more blocks to it.

This quilt has butterflies,  birds,  bees, bugs, and an angel. I love the blocks so much and enjoyed meeting new people during the round robin.

Other goals for June include:

1.  Finish my Sliced Quilt top . I finished it in  February but wasn't satisfied with the results.  I decided to put the houses all the way around instead of just the top and bottom.   I need to piece two more houses,  pick off the previous borders,  and put it all back together in a way that I like.

Here it is ready to pick off the borders.

Here are the new blocks I have made so far and a photo of the general direction I am aiming for with my new plan.

2.  Kit a family round robin quilt and sew up the first row before I pass it onto the next group member.   I also need to tutor our youngest member as she makes her section.  She is 13.  I need to help her this month because it is her mother's quilt and we want to keep it a surprise to her mom until the end of the rotations.  Group members just pass fabric to another member and don't see what was done with it until the end.   It is so much fun.

Here is what I started so far and the pattern.

3.  Sew up the June round robin that will be passed to me next week.

4.  Cut,  piece,  quilt,  and bind Chicks in the Garden

Here is a picture of the pattern and the flower blocks that I have cut and ready. 

5.  Quilt Justin's country quilt

6.  Quilt Mom 's blue and white quilt.  This one was a family round robin a few years ago so I made 1/5 of it. 

7. Make the May and June blocks for my Pieceful Country Quilt. 

8.  Assemble my Bear Paw Quilt Top.  All of the blocks are done except for these trees.

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