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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quilter's Garden Mystery - December Row Revealed

Sorry for being absent for a week.  My daughter came home from her church mission and she has been gone for 18 months.  We had much catching up to do and sewing was not a part of it.

Announcing the December row for the Quilter's Garden Mystery... Yup!  We are making flowers while it snows in December.  This is the "garden" part of the Quilter's Garden.

I tried to make a block that could be made quickly to accommodate the busy holiday season.  One block will not take you very long - promise.  

I also made options where you can choose a flower pattern that has NO APPLIQUE'.  One flower pattern does require an applique' center to cover raw edges, but the other two styles of flowers do not.

More details will be posted on the Dec 1st.

 I will be adding buttons or centers to the flowers that don't have them yet.  I can't make it to the store until Wednesday, so try to imagine all the flowers with centers.

There are ten flowers in a row for both a queen and a throw size.  I split them for the photo.

Late comers can join any time and the pattern is free when you sign up.  Just make one block a month to swap and you will receive the next month's pattern for free.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ann: Baby Quilt finished

Got the baby quilt done, quilted and bound. Just need to clip the loose threads and get it in the mail. 
My first Great-GrandBaby is due in 1 month!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Marie: My "Roses" quilt top finished---finally!

It has taken me a long time to piece this quilt top, but it is finally finished.  I fell in love with this fabric, and I pieced the kaleidoscope blocks some time ago, but I kept putting it away to work on other projects.  I made the pattern up as I went, so it has been a challenge for me, but a fun challenge.  It looks fairly simple to do, but the measurements were tricky for me.
The pictures do not do it justice.   I would like to photograph it outside, but alas, it is snowing so that is out of the question.  Maybe I can get a better picture once it is quilted.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ann: Steam That Seam blocks done.

Here are my November Blocks for the Quilter's Garden.
They are so fun. Each month brings a new surprise and task.
The colors are much brighter in person!

Deana: Finish it Up Friday!

Today I am showing all the figures on the horse quilt - yay!  I am getting so close.  It took some time to find enough pictures of my son to turn into silhouettes.  There are some you think will look good that don't.  I only have five more to stitch down.  They are the ones on the left side.  The last thing I still need to do is piece one more border.  

I think I'm loving the way it is turning out!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deana: Tuesday Archives on Thursday: Fall & Irish Chains

Ok, so I'm only two days late for Val's Tuesday Archive Linky Party; I am happy she leaves it open a few days.

Her themes this week are Fall and Irish Chains.  

 My very very favorite fall quilt is my barns.  I designed this as a design challenge project for myself in 2011 for the DOD Mystery group.  It was a ton of work and even more fun.  It is still not finished.  Some times the brain needs a break from intense design.

Here are some close ups of some of the scenes.

 I named the red barn "Bud's Mootel" after my Grandpa Bud who was a dairy farmer.  
The silo has a gazillion half square triangles all paper pieced, but I love it.
 The flowers are all 3-D done the same way I did some of the horse's mane in my current project.  They are attached with French knots.

This one has not been added yet.  It is of a bridge in Bridgeland near my teenhood home.
 I love fall colors and my second Row Quilt Design was my autumn one.
Here are some closer photos of some of the rows.

I love autumn colors and this "Brown Bag" quilt was made in autumn fabrics and harvest themed stack-n-wack blocks I had laying around.  The idea behind this quilt is you gather up some fabric you don't care for and trade it for some one else's "brown bag of fabric" so to speak.  It was an online swap.  We then had to make a quilt out of what they sent us but we could add whatever we wanted to it.

This is the fabric I started with.  

 I felt like the pink did not go so I dyed it orange.

 This is what it looked like when it was done.
 I pulled some fabrics from my stash and found a design idea.  I had already made the stack-n-wack blocks years earlier and then went perfect, so they became the center of each star block.
 Here is the final quilt.

 The back is kind of crazy.  I just used leftovers.

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Deana: Val's Archives: Irish Chains

This might be the first quilt I ever made.  I was in high school and my wonderful Grandmother thought I needed a special quilt that was embroidered by all of my high school friends.  She traced off the flower blocks for me (they were actually state flower embroidery blocks), and I passed them out to my friends.  Most of them came back but a few didn't.  I did those few myself.

Grandma suggested the Irish Chain pattern that I pieced without help from my mom but we didn't use rotary cutters back then.  I am amazed that it worked out using the old "trace around the card board" method.  I bet those seams were not 1/4" either.  How it worked out I have no idea.

I'm pretty sure Mom quilted it for me and her friend Deb Walker helped.  It is all hand quilted and it is really beautiful workmanship!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Deana: I got more figures cut out

I am slowly adding more details to the borders.  Only the top and bottom rows are stitched down and I plan to add more to what can be seen.

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