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Friday, December 28, 2018

Deana's 2018 Review of Family Events and Quilt Making!

This past year I got one new grand baby, Quincy.  She is a toe head and a doll.

My other two grand babies are healthy and growing.  Ira is 18 months and Arie is 17 months.

My son returned from his two year church mission in Germany and is away to University.  He has a sweet girlfriend, so we'll see where that takes him.

Thanksgiving 2018 Family Photos:

 The original five - photo taken in our back yard.

Family Photo with son-in-laws and grand babies.

My adopted son got married.  (He isn't really adopted but I claim him anyway.)

My husband and I took a road trip to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Two of my nieces got married as well.  Brielle and Bailey are so beautiful and were beautiful brides.

My nephew and his wife got a baby girl.

Now onto quilting!

My friend suggested we take photos of all our finishes this year.  I loved the idea and set about doing it last night.  Seeing them all together made me feel like I really accomplished something this year, and getting those old UFOs done was such a joy to see.

The bag in the above photo represents the 12 bags I made this year for friends, myself, and family.

My readers can see full views of these quilts at these links.  They are shown in the above photo left to right and top to bottom:
Bees, 3 bowtie camp quilts, Mom and Dad's Bear Paw Log Cabin, Brights Family Mystery, my bowtie camp quilt, Pieceful Country, Chicks in the Garden, Winged Things (finished photo, blocks photo), and Quilter's Garden.

The Christmas quilt on the wall was also a 2018 UFO finish.

The stack above from top to bottom includes:
Horse, Pink Hexagon's in Rotation, Justin's Bear Paw, Country Family Mystery, Grand Illusion, Sweet Cherry Orange, and Up on the Housetop.

There are a few finishes that are not included because they have been given away.  They include:  mom's Blue and White, Mariella's Priceless Quilt, Quincy's Cowgirl and bags that go with it, Quincy's pink and grey crocheted blanket, crocheted blanket for my niece's baby, Rusty Rae's pink and yellow crocheted blanket, a cowboy quilt I made a back for and bound for a friend, and Felicity's Woodsy Mystery.

I also hosted the Block Lotto.  You can find the pattern I wrote for this cute red forest at this link.

I finished a few UFO tops that should get quilted in 2019:

Justin's Medallion, Sliced Snow Globe, and School Kid Barns

I also participated in a family round robin of which I cannot show the quilts until the round robin finishes and we have our big reveal.  There will be 8 quilts total that I worked on.

PHD final update:  
I finished 13 out of the required 12 UFO's.
I started 18 new quilts and finished 17 of them.

Even though I fell short 1 New start, I did completely finish a total of 30 quilts this year.  I am pleased.

Patchwork Times 2018 UFO Challenge Results

I fell barely short of finishing this year:

  • I only finished two 1/2 applique' borders of Diamond Hill, and I am ok with that.
  • I basted but didn't quilt Mom's Quilter's Garden
  • I purchased a backing and batting for Felicity's Log Cabin Star  

18 in 2018 Challenge Results:

If you count purchasing backing fabric as progress then I made great progress on all of my 18 in 2018 quilts.  The great thing is that I completely finished most of them.

I am linking up with Scrap Happy Saturday!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Such a prolific quilt maker!!!

Jo said...

You can never say you haven't achieved much. Your stack of projects is just amazing.

Jo said...

And of course, such a busy year with family. Your grandies are gorgeous.