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Saturday, March 21, 2020

A great way to help our communities...first responders...etc...

Here is a great way to help our communities, first responders, and medical staff all from the confines of our homes and fabric stashes.

News Story - mask supplies are low and can be reused IF a homemade one is put over the professional ones.  The professional masks will last much longer which will help with the short supply problems!

How to make a face mask.  I got this from the facebook link in the news story.

I do recommend you find out the guidelines from your local medical community.  Fabric, bias tape instead of elastic, etc... can have specific requests.

This one sounds good too.  This one says, "For a Nurse, by a Nurse".

For this one, scroll down.  I don't trust clicking the PDF download button for fear of computer viruses.  I scrolled down, hit the red print button, and downloaded the file there.  Here is a different mask pattern with no elastics.  I don't know how it fits over a professional mask though.  I do wonder if it could help children not touch their mouth and nose so much...even help us.

I am even thinking of taking scraps and sewing them together to make these.  They don't need to be pretty...just useful!

If nothing else, we can wear them to remind ourselves to not touch our mouth and nose.

One more thing:  Our state govornor has asked for a weekend of prayer.  I am so impressed by this because turning to God is really the answer.  He can stop anything.  He can heal anything.  We just need to ask. We must humble ourselves and have faith in him.  I believe there is power in combined prayer.

I invite all to join in.

Please share!


  1. I am making some for my sister who is a nurse in VA at an assisted living center they have no cases right now but have very few masks to use

  2. This is a great idea. I wish the hospitals were providing links to the tutorials for masks that they can accept and use, though. I've seen so much back and forth in different online sewing groups, with some insisting that homemade masks do not protect against the virus and that they are dangerously fostering a false sense of security... But wearing a homemade mask over a medical supply PPE mask to prolong its useful life sounds much more sensible!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my improv piece created from that old Traditional UFO. I love this Eliza Hartman animals. Her blocks are so wonderful. I just finished her new leafy pattern.

    glen from Quilts and Dogs

  4. The second link is one of the hospitals in my hometown. My sister-in-law works in their Heart Cath lab. I just wish people would stop freaking out and buying up things the health care providers need more!


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