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Thursday, March 19, 2020

A redo seal AND theft!

So, I finished all of my blocks yesterday but really really hated the background for my seal.  I am seriously only using my stash for this project, which is why I have different backgrounds in each block.  Well, I didn't have another blue that looked good without duplicating, so I decided on black.  BAD IDEA!  I hated it.

I went back to the stash and decided to duplicate a grey I had already used.  I love it much better!  I do wish I would have made another white seal, but oh well, browny is done.  Yay!  I used the snowflakes in the black print as eyes and nose focal points.  I think I like it...not sure.  Oh well.

Here is the good and bad side by side.  Mr. Whitey will probably end up on the back of my quilt.

This is the layout I have decided on.  Mrs. Owl just has to be front and center!

I am now scraping to get enough sashing from a grey stripe I have.  A little piecing and I think I might actually make it work!

My daughter and her hubby got robbed last night.  It was not essentials...motorcycle helmets, pocket knives, and such.  It is so sad how people's true colors come out during hard times.  They didn't even steal toilet paper - go figure!  I have also heard of people knocking on doors offering to test them for the virus and then robbing them.  Don't open your door to anyone.  There is an illness going around PEOPLE!  

I pray that what little bit of food people have stashed in their homes will be protected from thieves.  

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  1. Mrs Owl is perfect for the center and the lighter background for the seal works better with theothers.

  2. I like the walrus block.

  3. I am so sad to hear that your daughter and SIL were robbed! It’s not even so much the possessions that were taken; it’s the feeling of safety and security that takes a long time to return. Yes, your instincts are good about the block backgrounds but I do love the little white seal on the black background!

  4. shocking about your daughters situation, glad she is doing ok. hope you can all keep safe. put your reject seal block into the backing

  5. Lovely Seals, I love the two of them but you are right, the fisrt one is too dark to belong on the front. Your blocks are so beautiful!

  6. Yes, I do like the replacement block. But Mr. Whitey definitely deserves to be on the back. It's a great block too. Happy sewing! I too work from my stash.

  7. I have not heard of robberies here but we are out in the country I hope this won't become a common occurrence. I'm glad they were not harmed

  8. this is gonna be another awesome quilt - now i want to make one!!!

  9. That owl does insist on being front and center, doesn't she? Lovely!

  10. Beautiful. I like the 2nd seal better, wise choice. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.


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