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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Deana: A bleeding quilt is fixed!

Hello Blogland!  I thought I would show how productive my Saturday was (yesterday!)

It all started with this fun queen sized buggy barn star quilt.  I made it several years ago and gave it to my daughter as a wedding gift.  While visiting her last weekend I noticed that it has a couple of spots on it where the dyes bled.  She said she hadn't washed it, but it did get wet.  I took it home with me so I could fix it.

A red fabric and a black fabric had both bled onto neighboring pieces of white.  I should have taken a before/after shot, but I didn't.  I washed the entire quilt in Synthrapol.  You can get it in some quilt shops or at Dharma Trading Company online.  It releases the excess dyes from the quilt and does not allow it to bleed while doing so.  After washing it in Synthrapol and checking to see that the bleeding areas of the quilt had come out, I then washed it in Retayne.  Again, you can get it online at Dharma Trading Company.  Retayne sets the dyes so they will no longer bleed.

Ta Da!  The quilt looks great!

Sometimes I like to piece the backs of my quilts to use up the leftover fabric, as is the case with this one.

I also whipped up a couple more receiving blankets and burp cloths for my cute little grandbabies that will be arriving this summer.  My daughter is having a little girl so here are her two little receiving blankets.

My other daugher is having a little cowboy.  Here are all three blankets photographed together.  I will be making three more for their combined baby shower the end of this month.

My greatest Saturday accomplishment was completing the machine quilting on my Storm at Sea.  Yay!  I have a finish (almost). I still have to hand stitch down the binding which I will have done Monday or Tuesday.

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Jo said...

The blues, aquas and golds look lovely together. Such a relief to fix the bleeding problem

Sylvia said...

Love the storm at sea quilt! I have wanted to make one for a lot of years, should put it on my list. Glad you were able to get the dye out.

Teresaquilts said...

I always use Shout's color catchers when I wash and they work really well most of the time. Of course the one time I am washing a red and white quilt the new box was a dud. I contact Shout and they sent me two new boxes but that didn't help my quilt. I will have to try your fix method. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I love the quilt and the back.

Quilting Gail said...

Glad to hear you got rid of all the colour runs! One other thing that also works is washing the quilt with blue Dawn dish soap ... much cheaper than the other products!

And ... I love the quilting that you did! Looks fantastic!

Lynette said...

Oh, yay!! Bleeding freaks me out on quilts that we work so hard on. I'm glad it came out for you. I need to get some Synthrapol. By the way - I'm about to start finishing the last of the border detail quilting on my Americana BOM quilt! >>finally<<

Mary Bolton said...

Your Storm At Sea is beautiful! Glad to hear you had good luck with the bleeder. There is a great article up at Vicki Welch's site called "Save my Bleeding Quilt."

Quilting Tangent said...

Thank you for the information on fixing a bleeding quilt.

Candace said...

Beautiful Storm at Sea, and Star quilts! I found the info on bleeding very interesting too. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Rebecca Grace said...

First of all, your Storm at Sea is beautiful! Congratulations!! Questions about the Synthrapol and Retayne: I have made a whole quilt full of pieced and hand appliqued blocks that are ready to be sewn together into a top, but then I realized that one of the red batik fabrics that is in just about every block is a bleeder. I have a couple of hand marbled red sawtooth star blocks that are bleeding, too. Several quilters have commented on my blog that I should "try Synthrapol and Retayne," but I'm not sure how to use them. And do I try to fix the blocks now, before I proceed with setting the blocks, or do I finish the quilts and THEN do the Synthrapol and Retayne to fix the problem? I am leery of putting a ton of additional time into a project when there is a possibility that the reds may continue to bleed onto the white backgrounds and ruin the quilts, but I am also worried that if I try to launder the blocks as is, the raw edges will fray and the seam allowances will be too small.

Muv said...

Wonderful quilts, Deana!

A bleeding quilt is my greatest fear. It's great to see that you solved the problem.

The colours and quilting in the storm at sea are amazing - such a fresh and vibrant effect.

Thank you for linking up with Free motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv