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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Retreat Shopping!

 We went to the quilt shop and I purchased fabric for my Bake Sale Quilt designed by Lori Holt. I have had the pattern for a couple of years and finally decided to get the fabric.  I won't be starting this one this year (if I have any sense at all.)

Here is a photo of Lori Holt's to show you what a delight this quilt is. You can download the pattern for free here, but you will need to purchase her templates for the applique' pieces.

I also purchased fabric to make my new grand son a quilt.  He won't be arriving until June and will be my 7th grand - yay!

My friend finished the blocks in this quilt at our last retreat in July.  Her quilt is completely finished now.  I plan to finish my Feathered Goose sometime this year.

My aunt happened to come out, and she joined us on the ride to the quilt shop and also visited awhile.  She was making aprons.

Photo:  Mom, friend Deb, Aunt Joann.  My sister-in-law Felicity was on the front seat with me as well, but I didn't get her photo.


  1. Wonderful fabric purchases, that is a great looking quilt. Lovely photo of the back seat ladies.

  2. Those monster trucks are going to make a really cute little quilt. Congrats on the new coming addition to the family. Looks like you had a fun crew for your shopping expedition.

  3. So fun to have you all together. Where were you lucky enough to go shopping?

  4. Looks like you had a great shopping trip! I am trying to sew from stash, but my issue is backings, so I have the green light to buy backings when needed.

  5. You purchased some gorgeous fabrics , I especially love the quad bike ones...
    Your friends quilt is stunning...
    Great photo of the backseat ladies....

  6. Always good to go shopping.

  7. Sounds like a fun trip, with bonus of fabric


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