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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Salt and Sand Blog Hop

 Today is my day to participate in the Salt and Sand Blog Hop hosted by Carol at Just Let Me Quilt and Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks.

This Storm at Sea Quilt was part of a family round robin several years back.  My sister-in-law Becky planned it for me because she drew my name.  She cut everything and bagged the pieces for monthly progress.  We each passed it around each month along with the other quilt kits we assembled for each other - 6 of us total.  The fun part was not knowing which quilt was ours.  We all started with the same fat quarter bundle and had to add fabrics to it.  I worked on this during the round robin without even knowing it was mine.  It was super fun!

Then there was this sliced quilt challenge I participated in.  It just seemed like it needed to be displayed in this blog hop. 

Back in 2009, this was probably the most challenging and yet, the most fun project I had ever worked on!! I truly want to do it again someday. Six ladies decided to try our hands at a "sliced quilt". The rules were to find a picture to be recreated as a quilt, blow it up to the actual finished size, slice it into six pieces, and mail them out to each other. We all lived in various parts of the state and were not able to see each other's work until the unveiling. Bev chose an underwater ocean scene. Sidney - holding the piece - really shined in her ability to paint fabric. I believe she did some beautiful painting mixed with other quilting techniques on every piece. I truly feel like she was the most talented and most inspiring. Sidney did this section of Bev's quilt. 

This Storm at Sea section was made by me.  I just felt that this pattern was fitting.  It was mostly paper pieced.  The only thing that really stood out in my section was the cute little blue and yellow fish. 

Sidney was such a gifted fabric painter.  It was wonderful how she painted little details in on the sea life below.

Bev's finish!  I love how it turned out!

If you would like to see my finished sliced quilt from the same group, click here.

It is quilted here.

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  1. Beautiful quilts! I have never done a sliced quilt, but I love the results! Sounds like a fun project.

  2. Wow! LOVE the way the fabric was painted!

  3. It all sounded very fun and I was lost and confused along the way. But the end result is quite a fascinating work of art! I also love that first quilt design and framing it all in the yellow was a perfect finish.

  4. Both of those quilts are amazing! I've seen those sliced quilts before but have never done one--so cool! The colors in the Storm at Sea quilt are perfect and the work on it is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have never heard of a sliced quilt till now. It sounds like a fun challenge. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful storm at sea quilt. LOVE LOVE your colors and fabrics.

  7. How cool are those quilts! I am amazed at the talent of quilters!!

  8. That is amazing talent, skill, creativity and vision! I can see that the sharing of the projects and each taking some part in the others' piece was a big part of the fun. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Your projects are beautiful, and I can imagine how much fun it was to work with others to create them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a wonderful, collaborative quilt. Bravo to all who participated.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi,
    Awesome quilts. Really like the whale one.
    Have a great day!

  12. It sounds like you and your family members do some really fun group projects! I love both of the projects you shared!

  13. That's two awesome them both...xox

  14. Love your Storm at Sea, I haven't heard of a sliced quilt either, love the results, the fabric painting is beautiful.

  15. Your Storm at Sea quilt is incredibly it! Someday I'll make one of those. A sliced quilt is an interesting project and sounds so fun. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Your Storm at Sea quilt is fabulous. What a fun idea, a family round robin. Also the sliced quilt is new to me, thanks for sharing the projects.

  17. Wow. Those are both such creative ways to involve multiple people in a project. I love both those ideas and now want to try them out. They created such great projects too :). Thank you for sharing.

  18. I know Storm at Sea quilts are really popular. Yours is the definitely the best one I've seen.

  19. I've seen slice quilts at a quilt show and they are so intriguing. They turn out so interesting. Yours is great. I really like the storm at sea and the wonderful colorway with the addition of the yellow.

  20. Awesome projects!! Thanks for sharing them with the Hop.

  21. All pretty quilts. It is my first time to hear of slice quilts.

  22. Oh my goodness! Both finishes are just super amazing....

  23. Absolutely beautiful and I find the sliced quilt most interesting and so cool.

  24. Beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing

  25. Those are fun group projects and the finished quilts are fantastic! I really like the idea of a sliced quilt. Clever and creative.

  26. I have always loved that you all quilt and make quilts together. It's been fun to participate a few times, too. Your SAS is stunning!

  27. It's always fun to see past works of art.

  28. That sliced quilt is amazing. Love the storm at sea - fits in perfectly with the theme.

  29. Both of these quilts are fabulous! And I love both have storm at sea in them.

  30. I love Storm at Sea and that one is stunning! The manatees are really cool, especially how you worked on it and put it all together!

  31. Your yellow and blue Storm quilt is beautiful. I LOVE the sliced quilt idea. I saw one at a quilt show in San Diego and it was fascinating. I always admired the one you did.

  32. Such a talented group. Beautiful pieces, each one.

  33. Wow! Both quilts are stunning! The manatees really come to life

  34. The yellow and blue quilt is amazing but it makes me dizzy looking at it! The sliced quilts are great


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