Thursday, December 31, 2020

I Like Thursday #17

 I Like Thursday is back once again. It has been a great Christmas break week!

The men at my house opted for an out doorsy Christmas. I was out numbered,  but enjoyed it anyway. My son wanted to play with his new to him dirt bike. It kind of turned into a snow bike though.

I was bundled so tight I could hardly move, but I stayed warm.

I had the idea to string Christmas lights in the trailer.  We visited, watched a movie, listened to Christmas music, cooked a nice dinner and treats...just like home. The side by side and mitorcycles ride in here and then come out so we can set up beds. 

We even saw wild horses on Christmas morning.

I made rice bags for each of my kids families.  I love warming one in the microwave before bed to keep my feet warm. Sometimes I even sit under a blanket with a heated bag to relax. I like them long and thin to wear around the neck too.

The weekly highlight for me was visiting the grands.


  1. Oh the twins are doing great. The rest of the family look lovely. It’s great to see everyone having fun and being together.It is so good to see such happy times. WISHED YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR....

  2. Hope to see you in ZOOM tomorrow

  3. Oh you do look cold! Sounds like an interesting, if cold Christmas. Love the pics of the kiddos. The twins have already grown so much. Hope you have a warmer new year!

  4. Oh goodness, the grands are all SO darn cute. How wonderful that you could visit and spend a bit of time with them. I adore those rice bags warmed in the microwave as well. Oh, they feel so nice on your neck. I never thought about warming my feet with them - that would work great. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Looks like a fun time. I have corn bags that we use for aching muscles, etc. The kiddos are sweet, glad you got to see them. Happy New Year!

  6. It looks like a fabulous time. The twins look like they are doing well and enjoying each other’s companionship. Spending time with all those grand babies has to be the best!

  7. glad you had a great time in the cold for Christmas....nice scenery......


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