Tuesday, August 7, 2018

15 min to stitch & To Do Tuesday

15 min to stitch report

6/7 days this week
4/5 Days This month
175/219 Days This year


As a reminder,  I calendar from Sunday.

To Do Tuesday

Last week 's progress:
  • Quilt and Bind Sweet Cherry Orange 

  • Quilt and Bind Mariella's Quilt - half quilted

  • Bind a quilt for a friend.  Her son is getting married in 1 1/2 weeks.  She needs help in order to complete his quilt in time.  His engagement was only 3 weeks long, so she is really pressed for time. - binding is attached by machine and backing was enlarged to fit the front... half hand work is complete. 
  • Prepare my class website for the first week of school - my keyboarding classes only.  I will do the other classes one week at a time.
  • Cut out a baby quilt for my daughter

  • Trim and true a quilt front and back to drop off to a lady for hemstitching.  She uses a machine to put holes in the edges so I can crochet in them for a quilt edge.

  • Applique' prep a Fisherman Fred Block

This week's  goals:

  • Bind Shem's quilt. I didn't make this quilt.  I am only binding for a friend. 

  • Finish my round robin
  • Finish quilting Mariella
  • Prep some of Diamond Hill applique


  1. You are always so busy and have such a great list of projects. I like the idea of a crochet edge on the quilt. I hope you share a photo of it when finished.

  2. Your projects are so cute! Love those appliques! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Congrats on finding time to stitch and on doing so well with your goals for the first week of August. Hope your stitching time was all fun this week and you met all your goals. Thanks for linking up to the 15 Minutes to Stitch Challenge.

  4. Very nice ideas for projects! It's nice that you have everything planned. It is very important! Sewing needs time, it is not worth doing everything quickly because then the effect may not be satisfactory. I keep my fingers crossed for your further work.


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