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Friday, July 24, 2020

A complete finish and bouncing around on various projects...

It feels good to say that I have officially finished my Memory Round Robin.  I think it would be a cute little quilt for a little girl.  

A friend and I may start this cute Sand Dollar Quilt.  I don't want to start something new, but sometimes things get done because you do them with someone who will pull you along.  Here are my Fat Qs all lined up, pressed and ready.  I still need to trace the pattern.


Secret sewing for the Garden Party Row Along has been keeping me busy with paper piecing the past couple of days.

Trail mix is basted.  I partially unfolded it for the picture.  I have not yet made the binding for this one, which is unusual for me.  I now have 6 tops (I think) all basted and ready to quilt.  I hope to machine quilt for a few minutes every day.  My School Kid Barn Quilt is getting close by doing that.

Our little man is improving daily, but there is still no word on when he will get to come home.

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  1. Love your Round Robin quilt, well done on the finish. That Sand Dollar quilt looks great too, it would look good in batiks. Nice fabric for your secret sewing 😁. I hope you get quilting time, and that your little one is much better and home with his family very soon.

  2. Some lovely finishes there and I like the fabrics foe the next new project.
    WOW!! Trail Mix almost complete.
    Lots og hugs for your little fella and hope he is home soon with his family and twin brother.

  3. Such a beautiful finish. Lovely projects on the go - the sand dolar quilt looks tempting! xx

  4. How did I miss that post about the wee guy? I had to go back and read it. I hope that he is continuing to improve each day and will soon be back home.

    Your quilt finish is wonderful. It would make a great quilt for anyone. Good luck with your quilting projects.

  5. Continued prayers for your little guy's complete healing. Your memory round robin quilt finished beautifully, and I'm excited about your Sand Dollar project on the horizon! I bought a kit recently in part because a blogging friend was also buying it, and as she is a more productive and prolific quilter than I am, I am hoping that I can latch on to some of her motivation and keep up with her so that this one doesn't turn into another multi-year-UFO!

  6. Your Memory Round Robin is so bright and sunny, it would be a fun quilt for a little one. Good to hear that the little guy is improving, hopefully he's home before much longer.

  7. Your trail mix did not take long to finish, well done to you and hope the little one continues to improve.

  8. I'm behind on my blog reading. So sorry to hear about the baby boy having such a hard time. Prayers from Texas.

    You finished quilt is lovely.


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