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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Barnyard is taking shape!

I am beginning to corral the animals in my barn yard!  I know it looks rough, but this is the layout I am headed for.  I still need to make the cats to fill in a couple of holes. 

As you can see, I am sizing the blocks.  Some need pieces added to them to enlarge them to fit.  It is tricky because I have to decide on  a visually appealing placement while at the same time be acutely aware of the pieces of fabric I have left to enlarge blocks.  I also have to set aside fabric for borders, a little sashing, and binding.  It is fun, but it is not fast.

I can see that my pigs and tall birds still need eyes.

I love the little groups of stacked animals!

I decided to put one dog in his doghouse with a chicken on the roof. I layed out pieces of leftover fabric to determine the colors I want. 

It is a bit of a puzzle of which I spent hours last night rearranging and calculating.  These patterns came from five different Buggy Barn books.  I just chose animal patterns I liked, resized a couple of them, removed wings from the pig, and ended up with this!  I actually enjoy this process.

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  1. It is coming together really well. A great achievement and stisfaction when you see it all laid out.

  2. This will be the most beautiful and fun quilt. Good luck.

  3. Love the cow best. Which book did it come from?

  4. That is going to be adorable! I love the stacked animals too. Have fun with your puzzle!

  5. Adorable. Good luck fitting them all together, it will be interesting to see what you do. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down :)

  6. Your barnyard quilt is adorable. I have a horse and Cattle Dogs, chickens, and a goose. Used to have sheep until a little while ago.... and a rooster. No wonder why I love this quilt. The dog in its doghouse with a chicken on top is hilarious. Enjoy the quilt. Heading out to blanket my horse as wind chill tonight is supposed to be between minus 15- minus 25 degrees. Noel has a walk-in stall and haven’t has to blanket her until today. Live in Maine. Again, love this quilt.

  7. This is an adorable quilt...

  8. The barnyard animals are such fun! That's going to be such a cute quilt. Fingers crossed all the calculations work out and the fabric holds out till you get it all set together.

  9. This quilt is the cutest thing ever! Love the stacked animals, and dog in it's house with chicken on top and...What's not to love? Have fun.


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