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Sunday, March 10, 2019

A girls quilty weekend...

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My sisters, their married daughters, my daughters, Mom, and I all got together for a "Girls Weekend". We picked a city that was kind of central to us, stayed the night in a hotel, went shopping, and made some memories.  We also got back our round robins.  This "girls" time was the first of what I hope to become many more.

A few years back we each put in money for one another's  birthdays.  One of us was in charge of buying fabric for the birthday girl with the combined money.  A few years later we began to realize that some of us had not used the fabric yet, so we decided to do a round robin with them.  Some of us used our birthday fabric while others just put in whatever fabric they already had at home.  Everyone sent their fabric to me, and I organized the round robin and mailed out a box of fabric to someone else.  Without knowing whose fabric each person received, each lady had to find a pattern and cut kits for a quilt.  We each sewed on one each month and passed them around.  The first rule was that all the pieces had to be pre-cut and organized by month by the planner and ready to just sew up when we passed them to each other.  Another rule was that it had to be a completed top excluding borders.  No one wants a pile of blocks to sew together, so we would sew our row and then add it to the quilt as we went. 

I took photos, but you know how dark hotel rooms are especially at night.  

My daughter, Jessi, participated in the round robin also but didn't want to buy fabric.  I convinced her to just put in two quilts that were UFO's and we would finish them for her.  Some of us worked on her Owl quilt while others worked on her Stack N Wack instead.

I planned/kitted this barnyard quilt for my sister-in-law, Felicity.  She is such a happy person and I really feel like these fabrics reflect her personality.  

Felicity sent me a better photo after she got home.

Felicity planned/kitted this one for me.  I LOVE it, and my girls are already wanting it for their baby girls when they get older.

My niece, Abby, was able to participate this year.  She is only 13 and does amazing work!  She planned and kitted this quilt for my sister, Tracy.  It is such a beautiful, classic pattern!  This one has border on and is ready to be sent to a quilter.

My sister, Tracy, planned and kitted this quilt for Mom.  Mom didn't participate in the round robin this time, and so it was fun to surprise her with a quilt we had all made for her.

My friend, Deb, couldn't make it to the retreat, but she planned this quilt for my sister, Jodi.  It is a Buggy Barn Heart pattern.

Jodi planned/kitted this quilt for Abbey.  Abbey wasn't part of the "birthday" thing, so she just put in her own fabrics she had been collecting.  I really want to make this quilt for myself some day! I really love the border too!

I planned this quilt for sister-in-law Becky.  I had to plan two because we made one for Mom and Mom didn't plan one.  Basically, we had one more quilt than participants.

Becky planned this one for our friend Deb who couldn't make it.  Deb was in a video call with us and kept saying, "That's not my quilt.".  She had send off Christmas fabric in Batiks.  This quilt looks nothing like Christmas with what Becky added to it.

Here are some fun photos I took at some quilts in the quilt shop we visited.  I want to make this one!  I especially love the pillows on the bench.

Don't you love the fox in with the chickens?

 I had to photograph the Buggy Barn because I love those patterns.

My daughter fell in love with these fabrics from Riley Blake, and ofcourse, I did too.  She is already planning what to do with them.  I haven't got that far yet.  We will likely order some when we know exact yardage.

Here is my 15 Minutes to Stitch Report. I didn't get a post done last week.


  1. What a fun group of quilters you all are. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts.

  2. That retreat sounds like a lot of fun and ha wonderful way to create memories with your family. Each of these quilts are gorgeous!

  3. Love all the round robin quilts! What a fun idea. Looks like the girls weekend was a great success. Now we can see what you did with all your stitching time. Thanks for linking up with 15 minutes to stitch.

  4. Not only are you all incredibly talented, but it sounds like you have a lot of fun together too. It would be hard to choose a favorite amongst the quilts.


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