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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Create your own BOM check in linky, 15 min to stitch, and To Do Tuesday!

The linky to sign up closed on Jan 15th, but you can join any time you want.  I will do a mid month progress update linky and an end of month progress linky.  I would love to see how you are progressing toward your personal BOM goals.

Here is my report thus far:

New York Beauty goal was 1 block a week.  I am doing so well with it that I have changed to 1 ring per day for at least 5 days a week.  I have made 5 blocks already this month.

Disney Princess BOM:  1 princess per month
Ariel is all pieced and ready to begin embroidery for her eye lashes, nose, and dress.  I think she will be done in time.

Feathered Goose:  3 blocks a month

I finished one in December, so you can see my progress on the other three.  One for January is finished and a little more work needs to be done on the remaining two.

Barnyard Quilt BOM:  goal is to complete one animal per month

I finished the goats as far as they can be done for now.  I also have the dog heads complete.

Christmas row quilt - goal is to complete one embroidery block for January
I am making great progress and have the rest of it broken down into daily goals to stay on task.

Alaska Quilt - goal is one block a month

I have begun to cut the fabrics for the Patty Polar Bear block.

Here is my 15 min to stitch report for January:

To Do Tuesday update and Goals this week:

Last week's plan was to...

  • finish two more NYB blocks DONE  
  • cut out my polar bear block in my Alaska quilt ALMOST DONE 
  •  more quilting done on Mom's quilt NOT A STITCH 
  • cut out some barn and pig blocks nope - my friend couldn't come and we do it together
  • finish paper piecing Ariel  DONE
This week:
  • 2 NYB blocks
  • Embroidery Ariel's chin, nose, and lashes
  • More embroidery on Gingerbread House
  • Machine quilting on Mom's Quilter's Garden
  • Piece Patty the Polar Bear
  • 1 Feathered Goose Corner
  • 1 Dog block
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  1. Oh my gosh, all of your projects are staggeringly beautiful! Especially the New York Beauties. Making your own BOM is such a great idea, too. I have exactly 4 months to make a graduation quilt for my son and so far I have created a design and bought a bunch of fabric that may or may not work, and that's it. I have not prewashed or checked for colorfastness, or made the first block to check that my fabric choices really work together... Maybe I need to set myself a BOM schedule for this in order to get it done on time? The trouble is that I have other quilts, WIPs and WNSYs (Works Not Started Yet) that I wanted to wrap up before starting the grad quilt and everything takes me so much longer than I think it will...

  2. You are amazing! I am always so inspired when I come to visit. The NYB blocks are so pretty and I absolutely love those Feather Geese blocks. The princess and goat are going to be fabulous too. You are doing such a great job with keeping up.

  3. That NY Beauty is looking spectacular, Its on my bucket list of quilts to make but I think it might be for retirement.

  4. Good Morning! Please tell me you didn't paper piece Ariel???!! She is perfect, and I am going to HAVE to follow this quilt closely. My new great-niece is only 2 weeks old, but she will want a quilt with princesses. If she doesn't, I do!! WOWEE - I am SO, SO, SOOOOO impressed. Your New York Beauty is a beauty as well, and possibly even more impressive if I didn't just adore the princess block. I can hardly wait to hear more details about this block, quilt, etc. Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I love how you are tackling all these quilt BOM style! I do want to play along with a quilt in this manner this year. I'm thinking my Sewcial Bee Sampler, but I'm not quite ready to jump in yet. How long did Ariel take?? So many little paper pieced pieces.

  6. You've got some gorgeous blocks in progress! Love the Ariel block and the New York beautiful block. Congrats on finding time each day to stitch. It's obviously paying off in lots of progress. Thanks for linking up with the 15 minutes to stitch post.

  7. Whoa, you got so much accomplished! I have to say I'm loving the embroidered block. It's the stitcher in me that is so drawn to that!


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