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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Deana: Projects not started but purchased

Since it is January and I seem to be really into lists, I wanted to document the fabric I have purchased or received as gifts through the years.  Most are ear marked for a specific project but a few are not.  I am sure I will start a couple this year although time will tell.

I have a habit of purchasing fabric when it is on sale.  If it is a background fabric I get at least 8 yards as it seems a lot of quilts I do take that much.  

Here is a background I got on sale and some beautiful autumn fabrics I have been collecting.  I am toying with the idea of making the bear/cabin quilt with these fabrics although I totally love it done in blues and browns instead.  I designed it for a family round robin and want one for my son when he gets married some day.

This is a new kit I recently purchased.  It was a killer deal on Craftsy.  I actually bought this one for someone's birthday and then turned around and ordered me one.  Mine is not here yet.  The fabrics are honestly to die for gorgeous!  I couldn't resist.  I may or may not make this pattern.  It depends on what tickles my fancy when I get to this project.

I also recently purchased this kit on Craftsy on sale.  I love it!  I do have one issue with it and it is that they use the exact same print in several colors.  I don't like to every do that!  I just like variety and things to not be too matchy.

These are fabrics left over from Jodi's Lattice.  I hope to make a lattice quilt for me out of them.  Mine will be out of the same fabrics except that I have added purples.

Jodi's Lattice

These started out as birthday fabric a couple of years ago, and I have added to it and purchased a background fabric to go with it.  I am going to make a New York Beauty out of it with my Mom's Cousin Marie one of these years.

I gave the members of the Priceless Quilters fat quarter bundles for Christmas.  There are only 6 of us.  Anyway, another friend in the group gave us a wonderful cook book.  We decided that by August when we meet, we must all have made a finished quilt out of these fabrics.  That will be fun to see.  Oh, and we have to make a recipe from the cook book and bring it to our show and tell.  I am thinking of making a little applique' flowers wall hanging from them.  I gave more pieces to my group members and will need to pick up some of those pieces for myself.  I only ended up with three.

These are some Riley Blake pieces I ordered online fro a sale.  I have  not yet decided what to do with the.

These will make a gorgeous and playful stack n wack of sorts.   
 My daughter gave me this fabric for Christmas last year.  I am going to make me a windmill quilt out of it.  I have made three of these quilts and want one for myself.

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