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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Deana: August Goal Setting Time!

So, it's goal setting time again.  Please bear with my boring goal posts, but I like to keep a record on my blog.  It pushes me onward toward FINISHES!

1.  Finish piecing and baste Brielle's Braid.

2.  Baste and quilt "Granny Went Star Crazy".  Here is my top that has been done for years.

I quilted my sister's for her several years back and this is what hers looks like.

3.  Baste and quilt Mom's round robin quilt.

4.  Finish the top for Jo's Stars.

5.  Cut out and applique' the silhouettes for Mom's horse quilt.

6.  Participate in the Stashbee.  Carla is Queen Bee this month and here is her block.  Carla is always so good to make blocks for others who are not even in her hive.  If anyone would like to make her a block and you are willing to mail to Australia, here is the link.  You won't get anything in return except for the joy of knowing you made a block for someone who always makes blocks for others.

7.  Participate in the Block Lotto.  Here is a link to the post of you want to participate.

8.  Write patterns for my Americana Quilt:  Big Star, Freedom Lane, & the Star Row.

9.  Write patterns for my Spring Quilt:  Picket Fence, watering cans, umbrellas.
10.  Do a row in my family round robin when it arrives this month.

SHH!  SECRET BUSINESS that I cannot show you.  Sorry.

I am linking up with Tweety Loves Quilting's linky party and WIPs be gone.


  1. Amazing projects! I don't think that goal posts are boring, I think they are actually very inspiring as they show the variety of projects a quilter is always juggling :)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great projects to work toward. My Star Crazy is the next one that I want to complete also. Kelsey will be a senior this year, and that will be her gift.


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