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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Deana: Debating...

I have really been debating as to whether or not to set goals for May.  My daughter gets married May 29th and I'm not really sure how stressed I will be.  After much pondering, I have decided to set a few and not get upset with myself if they don't get done.

#1.  Quilt & bind my blue Hexagon Pleasure Quilt.  This was last month's goal that did not get completed but I did make some progress.

#2.  Make one more table cloth for the book signing table at the wedding.  Here is a photo of the table cloths that are finished.  I will be doing another charcoal grey one.

#3.  Make 4 flowering snowball blocks.

#4.  Piece the next top on my list in the 2015 UFO Challenge.  This month the number 12 came up and mine is a mystery quilt from annual meeting many many years ago.  It is time to get this baby out and see what it is going to be.  I'm pretty sure it is a wall sized quilt, so that is a good thing for a busy month.

#5  Take out one side of the binding and add a hanging sleeve for this quilt.  My daughter wants to hang this one at the wedding.  

#6  I try to bind a quilt every month and I found this quilt I made several years ago with half of the binding not finished.  It is a twin size so it should go pretty fast.  It is also one I made for my daughter and I thought she should take it with her.

I have to wonder how long this quilt will last.  I made it from a bag of scraps someone gave me.  It is not made from high quality quilt shop fabric.

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  1. I don't see number 6, but that sounds like plenty of goals for one month, even if your daughter weren't getting married! =) I love your hexagon quilt.

  2. I cannot remember - are you hand sewing or machine piecing your flowering snowballs? They so pretty and this pattern is on my one-day wish list.

  3. You are so busy my friend. I hope the month goes smoothly and you don't get TOO stressed out.

  4. Deana, it would be pretty astonishing to be able to do even half of that in the month leading up to your daughter's wedding. She sure picked a beautiful quilt to hang at the wedding - I so love your Shimmer Braid! My oldest daughter was married almost two years ago now and I still have not made a lot of headway on her wedding quilt. But it will get done someday, I'm sure.

  5. Thank you for including me in your side bar. I am honored, and appreciate it very much. Best wishes with your beautiful to do list.

  6. For the quilt that is to hang at the wedding, would you consider attaching the sleeve a tiny bit down from the binding so that you don't have to undo and restitch the binding? You'd have to hand stitch another side of the sleeve, but it might be worth it if the quilt is to be used for a bed regularly. Then you could have an easier time removing the sleeve if you wanted to after the wedding hanging.


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