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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ann: BOM and Civil War progress

It looks like this is my last day to work on quilt blocks for a while.
Jennie goes back to work tomorrow and I will have her babies and Marian's boys M-F for a while. No way I can sew with 3 toddlers and a newborn to keep up with.
Marian is planning to move out the end of the month and Stephanie won't be here until June 20, so the rest of this month is taken up with grandkids.
This set of blocks are baskets for the BOM from the Quilt Show. The next few months we will make baskets and swag borders. There are appliqued corner blocks, but closer to fall or winter.
These baskets are very time consuming. the HST's are 1 inch before being sewn together.
Oops, I just noticed that one basket has HSTs going the wrong direct. Will have to pick them out and turn them,
Here are the swag borders. The top bunch has 4 swags, the bottom 3. Again, very time consuming, but easier to put together. The strips are 1 1/4 inch wide before being sewn.
And these are my latest 2 Civil War blocks. They come out every Saturday, so I may be able to keep up with them. It takes longer to cut them out than to sew them together. This is a really fun project and I am glad I decided to do them. I need to post them on flickr for the group to see, but have not had the time.
And my mystery block is nearly done. I will probably add more to it as the second section is added. I have taken some teaser pictures, which I hope to get posted on the next few Mondays.


  1. The first set of swag borders are from last month. I got them done after I posted the center block.

  2. Lookin' good. These are going to be lovely quilts!


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