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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm behind on my quilt, but I'm keeping busy!

Congrats Ann on finishing your 3rd border. I'm lagging behind. I'm sure I won't have my 4th border finished by the time we meet, but I should be able to finish my 3rd because I am so close. I've had to slow down on my quilting, but I'll show you where I've been spending my extra time.

One day I found this little guy in my garage when I came home. I don't know how long he'd been there or how he got there, but he was very sad and lonely. I let him out and he promptly ran across the front of my house and fell into the window well. I got him out of that fix and he ran into the back yard. Later I saw a mother duck with 7 little ones following her up the street toward the canal.

Does anyone want to take a guess what this is? It might surprise you--and no, it isn't illegal.

1 comment:

dj said...

Your yard is beautiful as ever! I hope someday I'll have a yard.

Your little bird friend is a real cutie; it would be interesting to know how he got into the garage.

I'm sure I'm way off but I will guess that your green plant is mint. It looks like it smells great.